AmateurFest 2001

August 18-19, 2001
Keri Starr, Dave Cummings, Nicole Moore
Keri Starr, Dave Cummings,
and Nicole Moore

Photos and text by Rachel Worth. All photos are the property of
Worth-a-Million Productions and may not be used without permission

Okay, this was a tough assignment, but I bravely took on the difficult task of hanging out for the weekend with lots of gorgeous girls and guys, running around the largest, most beautiful home/mansion/estate I've ever been in, eating lots of good food, and meeting many, many wonderful people. Then, to top that off, I watched, photographed and videotaped some really, really, really, hot sex! I made this tremendous sacrifice for all of you, my loyal website visitors, fulfilling my task of bringing you the best in adult visual entertainment.

The purpose behind the party was to bring amateur talent, webmasters and press together to celebrate the impending launch of, which will be a webmaster community solely dedicated to the amateur web business. Rick Muenyong is at the helm of this new website endeavor and was the consummate host of this incredible party. I understand that he put in many hours prior to the event making sure all the details were handled, so everything would be perfect. Well, wouldn't you know it, in spite of all the pre-planning, the unpredictable happened. At 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, the 18th, the power went out in his neighborhood. Guests began arriving around 6:00 p.m. while there was still a little daylight. But that soon faded and then the only light in the three-story mansion was provided by flashlights and candles. The next disaster was a toilet overflow.

The electricity problem created a myriad of other difficulties. The bartender couldn't use the blender to mix drinks (no banana daquiris!). KSEXradio was going to broadcast all of their shows from Saturday evening until Sunday evening from the house, and they couldn't do a remote broadcast until they got power. A live band was going to entertain and, of course, there was no power for their electric guitars. There was supposed to be live chat, along with live webcam feed, but they couldn't use the computers. An exhausted but accommodating Rick eventually went out and bought generators and got them hooked up with the help of a couple party-goers. That provided some power for a while, and then the electricity finally came on at about 11:00 p.m. Actually, everyone seemed to take the difficulties in stride and were having a great time anyway. Rick seems to remain calm, cool and collected no matter what is occurring. I think he only slept a few minutes Saturday night, and hadn't slept much in the days prior to the event.

The party was a sleepover (sleep under, sleep beside, sleep between, sleep all over the place, or don't sleep at all) event, and I was one of about eight people who stayed up all night, out of about 20-25 people who stayed through Sunday. People who wanted privacy could get some behind closed and locked doors. Others who basically enjoyed their exhibitionism did whatever act they wanted, whenever they felt like it, wherever it was convenient. I must say, there were temptations all around me, but somehow I managed to resist.

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Sharon Sotto & Cathy Shim
from Asian Model Talk
on KSEX Radio
Nikka Foothill & Nikki Darling Serena & Kelly Madison
Melissa Ashley giving Dave Cummings a blow job Melissa & Dave Kacy, Summer, Kelly Madison, Serena, & Dave W.
Melissa Ashley Brook Lynn Brook Lynn & Chef Jeff
Melissa & Dave Melissa & Dave Melissa & Dave

The following were taken without flash and before we had full electricity (only flashlights,
candles and generator-powered lamps); hence, the dark, grainy pictures.

Max Hardcore Max & Catalina being interviewed by
Sharon & Cathy
Max demonstrating a good "deep throat" position with Catalina
Summer, Kelly,
Serena & Dave W.
Serena & Kelly Rain & Britni
Kacy, Summer, Kelly, & Serena Serena Summer, Kelly, Serena,
Dave W., & Kacy

Links -- Thanks to all the following companies and people:
Amateur Ranks
KSEX Radio
Naked Hosting
PierNet Internet
The Amateur Voice
Nicole Moore
Cathy Shim
Naked Nicole

Kelly Madison
Dave Cummings
Nikki Darling
Bi-Sexual Britni
Max Hardcore

Melissa Ashley
Sue Lei
Lance Starr
Macon Ukum
Chef Jeff
Nikka Foothill
Sharon Sotto
Creamy Pies (Dave W)

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