On the Set of ASSylum
from Sin City's Mayhem XXX
April 2, 2005
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Here is a synopsis written by Thomas Zupko, the movie's director, that is on the SinCity.com website: "Welcome to the ASSylum, home of every sick and twisted anal violation imaginable. Five crazy anal psycho bitches from hell with a serious appetite for cock get all the sphincter pounding, asshole stretching, jizz gulping debauchery they can scream for. If psychotic rectal reaming, insane ass slamming and wind howling gapes is what you like, you've come to the right place! See you inside."

This was an interesting set to be on. I was invited by Flower Tucci, one of the main stars of the movie, to come to the shoot. I had never before met Thomas Zupko, and that, in itself, was a unique experience. I had read about some of the crazy, raunchy, scenes he had shot for Extreme Associates, and now I would witness the legendary director for myself.

Zupko wanted the females oiled up all over, which occasionally caused some slipping and sliding and adverse interactions between oil and latex clothing. He demonstrated some of his reputed nastiness by testing the actors to see how far he could make them go, and it sometimes yielded cooperation and other times a bit of annoyance. When Zupko was pleased with a scene, he turned away from his monitor, grinned widely at everyone around him and gave a thumbs up. Flower was undaunted by his requests, even surprisingly licking the floor upon his request at one point. She delivered some of the nastiest talk to the camera that she's ever done (which should delight those watching the movie). She displayed her famous ass right up close to the camera and rubbed it right against the rubber bars of her looney bin cell.

She performed with gusto with scene partners Brian Surewood and Jake Malone, giving blowjobs and taking it in the ass. Flower's a squirter, and Jake more than willingly took it in the face as though being splashed by a refreshing mountain waterfall.

After Flower's scene, I met the beautiful Barbara Summers who hails from the Czech Republic. Her scene was with Mr. Pete. Sandra Romain got her into the business. They are friends and roommates. Her first anal was with Manuel Ferrara four years ago. Thomas had her talk dirty to the camera in Czech, but at another point had her say "Oh, yeah, fuck my fuckin' ass," which she said without a discernable accent.

Barbara said that she also shot movies in the Czech Republic and feels that Americans involved with movie productions are more professional than their counterparts in her country. She had a little difficulty with Thomas's bizarre requests and said to me that she wasn't used to being treated like that. It was her first time working with him. When he sensed she was upset, he would sweet-talk her, but she still wasn't too happy. I tried to find out exactly what was bothering her, but I never really discovered specifically what it was. She and Mr. Pete did a great scene together, nonetheless.

Zupko realizes he pushes the limits and on more than one occasion said to me, "you have met the devil." There were a lot of mishaps on the set: things getting knocked over, broken glass, skirt completely tearing down the side, and a couple people not feeling well but making it through their scenes, anyway. Viewers who love nice round asses that have everything imaginable done to them will certainly enjoy this movie. Reviewers are giving it very high marks.

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