Belladonna's Baby Shower
November 14, 2004
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This wasn't any ordinary baby shower...

I was honored to be invited to Belladonna's baby shower by Flower Tucci, who was the organizer of the event. Mari Possa also helped to make it happen. It was held at Seymore Butts' house and I was told that Showtime would be there filming the party for Seymore's show, Family Business (the third season will begin in 2005).

I arrived about a half hour late and a lot of people were already there, although some arrived after I did. Bella looked so cute with her bulging belly popping out under her pink cami top. She seems so happy, and hubby Aiden was there taking pictures of the whole event. When Bella came over to greet me, the Showtime cameras were following her. I first handed her the baby gift I brought which was wrapped in purple paper and decorated with a pair of pink ballet slippers in a newborn size. The baby is a girl and will be named Myla. My gift was a soft cloth photo album for the baby that came with lots of learning cards. You can either put some of the cards in the album or fill it with photos or a mixture of both.

Next, I handed her two 8 1/2 by 11 photos that I had taken of her before and after the AVN Awards Show last January. They are absolutely gorgeous, and in the second one, Bella is holding her award for best sex scene. I framed them in clear lucite frames. Showtime zoomed in on them, so maybe they'll get on the show. Bella loved them.

People in attendance included Mari, Flower, Mari's sister Wendy, Bella's brother Jason, Kami Andrews, Lola, Kayla Marie, Maria Menendez, Katja Kassin, Julie Night, Flower, Kylie Ireland, Catalina, Selena Silver, Konnie (from DVSX), Alana Evans, Michelle Lay, Brittney Skye, Peter Warren (from AVN), Aiden, Kimberly Kane, and Kimberly's boyfriend. Tricia Devereaux stopped in at the end, but I didn't get pictures of her. Also, Seymore came in for a few minutes at the end. His gift was a really nice jogging stroller with racing stripes and a cute outfit for the baby to go with it. Reno, Michelle Lay's man, was there for a little while, and there were a few others I didn't know.

The party took place in two rooms: the living room and the kitchen. In the kitchen there were trays of meats, cheeses and fresh fruit. There was also a beautiful cake. The living room was decorated with a ceiling full of pink and white balloons and a huge sign above the couch that said "It's a Girl." In the living room, people sat and visited, played a few games that Flower had planned, and watched Bella open her presents.

The first game was one where Flower brought out a bunch of diapers that had a messy pile of brown gooey stuff that looked like loose poop with corn mixed in. We were supposed to smell it and taste it if we wanted to (no one dared to taste it) and then put our guess on a piece of paper as to what we thought it was. Flower gave a hint that it was melted candy bars. I guessed Hershey bars and Butterfingers and it turned out to be Snickers and Butterfingers. No one got both right and a few people guessed Snickers but I was the only one to guess Butterfingers, so she decided to declare me the winner.

The first clue that this was an Adult Industry event...

Mari Possa handed me a gift bag, and I started to look in it and she said "Wait! I have something special for you to add to that." And she handed me a huge packaged dildo that was cast from Seymore Butts' cock! Well, I held it up to show everyone, and the Showtime cameras captured my red face, and there were others snapping photos of me (which I haven't seen yet). Then, I took out the other items in the bag and there was a "Tushy Teaser" and something called a Screaming Orgasm Kit with a vibrator and some other things in it. There was also a tank top from Phallix and some apple flavored lube.

The second game was one where you sit on the floor and are blindfolded. Then you are handed a spoon and have a bowl in front of you and you have to try to scoop up as many cotton balls as you can in a specified amount of time and put them into the bowl. It's quite funny to watch. Kylie Ireland won that one and received a glass dildo from Phallix, and I'm not sure what else. There was a third game that involved memorizing items in a box and seeing how many you could recall.

Bella got absolutely wonderful gifts--so many that she and Aiden weren't sure how they were going to get everything home to Utah. They were pretty sure they'd have to ship them all. Brittney Skye gave her so many gifts, I think she bought out all the stores. Peter Warren (from AVN) decided to be different and give Bella gifts for herself and Aiden, rather than the baby. He had gotten a whole bunch of sex toys that I'm sure they will have fun using.

Bella and Aiden: My very best wishes to you on the impending birth of your daughter.

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