End of Summer Bash

a rockin' party for those in the Adult Industry, hosted by Cyber Entertainment Network, Cybererotica, Vivid, Babenet and iGallery

The beer was flowing, the adult entertainers frolicking and flirting, the music blaring, the chit-chat engrossing and the food plentiful and delicious. Such was the making of an incredible party in a beautiful home and back yard in Woodland Hills, CA. The weather was perfect and there were 300+ attendees.

A few of the notables in attendance included Ron Jeremy, Alexandra Silk, Taylor Hayes, darklady, Luke Ford and Luc Wylder. There was a bondage performance by Joey Strange involving brief nudity, including the use of some spectacular flames. The music never stopped, and there were performances by live bands.

One male celebrant who definitely got lots of stares was completely nude and full of piercings in every body part. He said he does the piercings himself and definitely seemed to enjoy parading around showing them off, much to the chagrin of some of the men who exclaimed (while grabbing their crotches), "Ouch, that looks like it would hurt!"

The food included salad, steak, chicken, hot dogs, some kind of kabob, corn-on-the-cob, potato chips, other snack foods and cake. Beverages: all the beer, soda and water you could drink.

There were many beautiful people including Sky (pink pants, black top) and Celeste who were enjoying each others' company.

photos by Rachel Worth, worth-a-million.com
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