On the Set of Beefeaters
Third Degree Films
November 12, 2004
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Trinity, Cytherea and Mark Wood are featured in this blowjob scene for Third Degree Films. It was my first time meeting Mark, although I've heard his name for a long time. What a nice guy. We had an opportunity to chat for a little bit, and he was talking about people's misconceptions about porn stars. Contrary to the popular belief that people have about those in the business being party animals, he said he just leads a quiet, normal life.

Cytherea and Trinity were getting all dolled up and I took pictures of them getting ready. Samson, who was directing this scene, helped Cytherea choose an outfit and jewelry and assisted her in getting dressed (a tough job but somebody has to do it). I love shots in the mirror so I took a few of Trinity as she was making some final adjustments.

The scene was extremely hot and sexy. First the two girls made out a bit and carressed and teased while Mark watched, seated in a nearby chair. Then they approached him and took off his pants and the two gave him quite a blowjob, going at him like two kids with favorite lollipops, and he came loads over both girls' faces. The highlight has to be when Cytherea looks up so sweetly into his eyes and, with a face covered in cum, says "Thank you."

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