On the Set of Bikini Brawl 2
Ravens' Nest Productions
July 10, 2004
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Beautiful girls in skimpy bikinis, water play, shaving cream, oil, beer, nudity, wrestling, sunshine, excited crowd, music. That pretty well describes the set and what occurred at the taping of Bikini Brawl 2. What more could you want?

I must say that this female wrestling movie for Pay-Per-View is sure to be a hit, filled with lots of fun and naked bodies. The matches included some between models from Playboy TV (Nicole and Kelly), other models (Carla Harvey, Michelle Lee, Ricki, Honey, Candi and Amy), some real female wrestlers (whose names I didn't get) and a few Porn Stars (Lisa Sparxxx, Amber Peach and Charlie). Some of the matches were in plastic swimming pools filled with water, some in oil, and one in beer mixed with water and ice cubes thrown in (brrr). The girls had shaving cream to squirt on each other (a bystander commented that whipped cream would have been better, so they could have licked it off each other--very true).

The fans crowded around the pools, cheering on the wrestlers, taking pictures, and strongly encouraging nastier behavior. There were a few representatives from the Press: Tod Hunter (Tod-Hunter.net) and Goldie DeWitt (1Down.com) and apparently others. There were also some photographers and webmasters. Wankus of KSEXradio.com was playing the part of Lisa Sparxxx's manager, and he hammed it up really well, picking a fight with the referee and eventually getting thrown in the pool. Everyone had to sign model releases--even the press--because all of us will be in the movie.

A few things could be improved for the next one--yes, there will be a Bikini Brawl 3. Well, food for one. Some of the fans who were needed for the crowd scenes left because of the lack thereof. There was some pizza brought in towards the end, but not enough to go around. I had brought a sandwich, thank goodness.

The other thing sorely lacking was chairs! I brought three folding camp stools, and I used one to sit on between scenes and one to put my camera bag and other stuff on. So, I was okay, and I let others use the one I wasn't using, but many people had to stand the whole time.

RaVen (one of the owners of Ravens' Nest Productions) was very cordial, greeting me when I arrived and making sure I met Alan, his business partner in the movie ventures. The shoot stayed pretty much on schedule, and things seemed to go smoothly. I went to the shoot with Lisa and her webmaster, and that was fun. They are really nice people.

Kim Chambers was there at the beginning of the shoot, and was supposed to be in the movie, but she had to leave because she recently had surgery to reshape her breasts and she was in considerable pain. In spite of her discomfort, she looked incredible! She is still doing fitness competitions and is modeling for fitness magazines.

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