Bowling for Scholars
May 30, 2004
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It is really difficult to believe that this is our fourth Bowling for Scholars event. When I look at the prior years' pictures, it seems like such a short time ago that each was taking place. Each one has been so much fun, and this one was no exception. We had about 225 fans, 30 Adult Stars and 18 Media representatives. They all came out to support a worthwhile cause: raising money for scholarships for needy students. The organizing committee and some additional volunteers on the day of the event all worked hard to put on this event. Bowling for Scholars is sponsored by Southern California VSDA (Video Software Dealers Association) and PAW (Protecting Adult Welfare Foundation).

The Talent List included Ann Marie, Kayla Cam, Kelly Erikson, Keri Windsor, Lily Thai, Linda Roberts, Michelle Lay, Nicole Sheridan, Pamela Peaks, Rubee Tuesday, Sasha Brabuster, Sunshine Lynn, Traci Standfer, Tina Toy, VanDalia, Voodoo, Zaccara, Babylon Towers, Lady Victoria Spencer, Kaylani, Makai, Jenaveve, Kris Knight, Lynn M, Julia, Katie Gold, Teagan Presley, Googie, TeeReel and Luccia.

The Bowling Alley has 40 lanes and all were occupied. Almost all of the Talent did bowl--many of them extremely well--as did the majority of fans, which added to everyone's fun. Fans took advantage of the "cameras allowed" policy and took lots of photos and some were shooting video. Bill Margold, PAW founder, drew lots of door prize tickets throughout the night and gave away many nice prizes.

Either Michelle Lay or Tina Toy was the first to take her top off and others soon followed. Michelle and Tina both did a lot of sexy poses (some completely nude) for the fans and Press (who, thankfully, kept their clothes on). When Lily Thai showed up, the fans were given a special treat. She did some very erotic naked dancing on one of the tables. The look on the faces of those watching was priceless, but I thought it best to protect their identities by blurring the background.

At 10:30, we had everyone stop bowling and we proceeded with a Lingerie Auction. Unfortunately, we could only get two of the girls to participate (Katie and Teagan), but boy, did they go all out to do a great job helping to sell the lingerie with their provocative poses and getting people to bid more by kissing each other. Katie was wearing a very revealing white g-string, and hers was auctioned off for $50. Teagan was wearing a pretty two-piece halter top and g-string, donated by Kayla Cam, and the winner paid $90 for hers. Both of the winners were allowed to take the lingerie off the girls with their teeth. I don't know the name of the first winner, but the second one is Monstar, and he is a member of the Bowling for Scholars Yahoo group (see the address below).

The photos in the gallery were shot by me, Dino and Kayla Cam. Thank you to all who attended. I've heard many positive comments so far. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Michelle Lay said to sign her up for the next one; she really enjoyed herself. Join the Yahoo group for pictures from the past bowling events and for pictures from this year, which, hopefully, everyone will be posting soon. Help spread the word so we can make the next one our biggest ever!

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