Ipanema Beach
Brazil Report

August 2004

Photos and text by Rachel Worth, Copyright © 2004. All photos are the
property of Worth-a-Million Productions and may not be used without permission

My Production Assistant, Steve, and I flew out of LAX on August 14, arriving in Rio on the 15th. We have a favorite hotel there where the rooms are large, the television has some channels in English and they have free high-speed Internet access in the rooms. Well, that is, it was high-speed the last time we were there, but they changed ISPs and it was pretty slow this time and the connection frequently disconnected. The hotel's rooms also have beautiful bathrooms with great showers with plenty of hot water (unlike some of the places in Rio). Additionally, their room service is fast and inexpensive and the food portions are massive. For around $6.00 U.S. you can get one huge meal that will serve two people.

We tried for many days to arrange a boy/girl shoot. For the first few days, we shot non-sex video on the beach that included some nice booty shots. We also shot lots of nice scenery around the city. We ran into people from L.A. (also shooting in Rio), and it turned out that we knew some people in common. We met with a couple different people regarding a shooting location and hiring models. The first guy (whom I'll call Mr. M) uses a couple bedrooms in his apartment and his patio as a shooting location, It looked good, and we thought we might use it. He showed us a few pictures of models that he knew, but we weren't too impressed. He gave us a referral to Mr. D who had a lot of models and might be able to help us. We went over to his penthouse apartment and looked through many folders full of photos of models. There were a few we thought were excellent, but it turned out that he wanted way more money than what we were willing to spend.

One evening we ran into Thays, one of the models we shot in November. She has a completely different look, with short hair now, so she isn't quite as striking, but still cute and very sweet. She hasn't done any more movies, so as of now, we have exclusive footage of her. She was and is doing escort work, and has a new girlfriend who also works as an escort.

We scoured the beaches and the sidewalk restaurants for any possibilities. Maybe our standards are too high. We were hoping for a perfect 10, or even a 9, but either they won't do adult movies or they want too much money. We met one perfect 10 who had done other adult movies but wanted a lot of money. We almost gave in because she was so cute. We have her name and number and maybe we can use her in the future. We did get some more great non-sexual footage of Copacabana and Ipanema before we left, including a parade of Samba dancers.

What an interesting, frustrating, disappointing and unique day we had on August 24, the day before we were to leave Brazil! We called up Mr. M, told him we'd had no luck finding a model, and he suggested we pay a visit to Madam X who has some models who live with her. We could find out if any of the girls might be interested in doing some photos and video scenes. Also, she has a well-built, nice-looking boyfriend that Mr. M said might want to be the boy in our boy/girl scene.

Mr. M called Madam X to tell her that we were coming. Upon our arrival, a girl answered the door and we were invited to enter. Soon Madam X greeted us and invited us to have a seat in the small living room. A couple girls stood at the open window, smoking, and anothe girl was attempting to sleep in the lower bed in the bunk bed in the next room. She was frequently awakened by the phone next to her.

Madam X spoke no English and we proceeded to explain what we wanted. She was friendly and nice. Then she called Mr. M (I guess to help with translation). She handed me the phone and I explained what I wanted him to tell her. A few seconds after she took the phone back, she began to yell at him extremely angrily and slammed the phone down. She was very upset and her heart was pounding, and she said (in Portuguese) "What was he thinking?"

Well, she needed time to calm down, and we weren't sure why she was mad at him. We thought it was because he had suggested that her boyfriend be in the scene with a girl. She was apologetic to us, and seemed to only be mad at Mr. M, calling him crazy. We talked some more, and she said she wouldn't have helped other people in this request, but she liked us and would try to help.

Madam X is in her 50s. Her boyfriend is 26. After she calmed down, she seemed to be okay with hiring her boyfriend (whom we'll call Mr. V) and asked him to come into the room. We proceeded to explain things to him and he seemed excited about doing the movie. None of the girls present had ever been in a photo or movie shoot before.

She paraded a few different girls in front of us. She would talk about their bodies like she was selling a piece of furniture, pointing out all their attributes while running her hand along their shapely bodies and turning them around so we could see all angles. She would pull up their tops so we could see their breasts, and the weirdest thing of all... with one girl, she started sucking on her tit! It was both hilarious and a bit uncomfortable at the same time.

One very cute girl was very shy and she didn't want to do a scene with Mr. V for some reason. Her name was "D." Then, a girl named "T" said she would do it. We arranged for Mr. V and T to come to our room at 8:00 p.m. We agreed on a price of $xxx dollars (U.S) for her, and Mr. V said he would do it just for fun, no money necessary. As we left Madam X's place, she said I had "conquered her heart." She was quite a character.

Then, we went back to the hotel and fixed up our suite really nice, moving two beds together and putting on a special leopard spotted sheet we brought with us. We managed to get a lamp for additional lighting. We set out fresh towels, had plenty of condoms and lube available, new toys for their use, and even set out new toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and shampoo for them. We had sodas and snacks to munch on. Everything was perfect.

At 8:00 p.m. Mr. V showed up with D, the one we liked best, but within five minutes, she said she did not want to be in a movie. Many of the girls who are willing to be paid by men for having sex are not willing to have their faces shown in movies. They like the anonymity of prostitution (which is legal there) and don't want their families to know.

So, off they went to get someone else. Mr. V came back in a while with a girl named "G." She was very hesitant about the whole thing, but he talked her into it. As they were signing their Model Releases and we were photographing their I.D.s, Mr. V says to Steve and me, "That's $xxx for each of us, right" and we said no, it was $xxx total. By this time, Steve was raving mad and says to me (with many words like "fuck" and "shit" in his verbal outburst) that he is fed up and wants to call the whole thing off. He no longer trusted Mr. V.

Mr. V, seeing Steve's anger, then agreed to $xxx total. By this time, considering the problems we were having, and the fact that G seemed hesitant and wasn't terribly attractive anyway, we said that she wouldn't work out.

The two of them left, and Mr. V was going to try one more time to get another girl. He came back about a half hour later, after having had no success, but tried to talk us into giving him some money anyway. He didn't put up a fuss when we said no. It was quite a disappointment that it didn't work out. He's a cute guy--nice and dark and Brazilian looking. He did call again the next day, but there was no time for filming that day because we had to check out of the hotel and fly home.

We were wishing we could have taped the whole experience at Madam X's. It's difficult to explain all the things going on: people constantly in and out of the room (sometimes exchanging a few words with us), phones ringing, rapidly spoken Portuguese emanating from the TV in the room--in other words, a constant din of activity the entire time we were there. So, even though we wasted a lot of time and energy, the experience at Madam X's was priceless.

The photos below share a few of the sites around Rio. I happened upon the two men playing checkers in a little alcove of a small shopping center. They were intent on their game and seemingly impervious to the erotic images in ads for adult businesses surrounding them. I think it's my favorite shot from this trip. The last picture shows a fancy restaurant we went to called Porcão. Feijoada is a bean stew with different varieties of meat in each pot. There were also skewers of various meats (including filet mignon) brought to the table and carved on the spot, and a buffet table with many varieties of food and some other items brought to your table. This is considered to be one of their most upscale restaurants, and you could have as much food as you wanted, and I think it only ended up costing about $20 a person.

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Nice Brazilian Booty

Two men playing checkers

Feeding the monkeys

Feijoada at Porcão Restaurant

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