Britney Rears Party
March 10, 2005
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Is Jeff Mullen ( the consummate publicist or what?! A few months ago, no one had ever heard of Britney Rears, but when Jeff Mullen met Jessica Sweet and commented that she looked like Britney Spears, Jessica's name soon changed to Britney Rears. Things mushroomed from there to creating a whole new public persona followed by a movie about Britney Rears that included original music (I Wanna Get Laid) sung by Jessica/Britney. Numerous appearances and promotions soon followed that got the attention of people like Howard Stern, who talked about her a lot. Britney's debut DVD 'Britney Rears: Wild Back Stage sex Party' from X-Play/VCA Pictures hit video stores across the country on March 8. Britney is now a contract star for VCA Pictures.

This party, organized by Mullen and Brad Thomas of, was so awesome and included a red carpet entrance with a media wall that had a constant stream of stars posing in front of it and a lineup of Press photographers with cameras in hand. There was also a special media room way in the back that I didn't realize was there until very late. The venue was the Sunset Room in Hollywood, which isn't just a room, but, rather, has a lot of rooms, and all were packed to the gills. A beautiful aquarium between two of the rooms became a nice backdrop for photos.

Thanks to sponsors Sex Z Pictures, X-Play, VCA Pictures, Smash Pictures, New Sensations, Northstar Associates and Hustler Video, this was a party that will be long-remembered.

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