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Club Jenna's
"Next to Nothing" Party
September 30, 2004
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Club Jenna girls signing autographs

Jenna's bodyguard Clay
All photos and text were produced by Rachel Worth.
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Good party ended on a sour note for this reporter

I flew into Phoenix, picked up my rental car and took off first to one of my favorite restaurants, Pappadeaux. I then proceded on to my hotel in Scottsdale and took a short nap. The location where the Club Jenna party was taking place was less than a mile from my hotel.

The evening started out nice enough. When I arrived, I was greeted warmly by Linda, Jenna's assistant, who made sure I got my VIP pass. There was a long line of fans waiting to enter Myst, a very nice club in Scottsdale, Arizona. The line extended out the door and down the street. When you first entered the club, there was a room with a bar and pool tables. Seated at long tables nearest the entrance were Jenna Jameson, Krystal Steal, Gina Lynn, Sunny Leone, Tera Patrick, Skye Blue, Ashton Moore, Haven and Tyler Faith. Fans would pick up a large poster and take it down the line so each of the girls could sign it. All of the Club Jenna girls were wearing "next to nothing." Party-goers were also encouraged to wear "next to nothing" and many complied. I'm sure the lingerie shops did great business in the days leading up to the party.

Jenna was very sweet and friendly when she saw me come in and she was telling me that people weren't recognizing her. She had dramatically changed her look since the last time I saw her and now had long straight hair in a light brown shade. I told her that every time I see her, she looks so different, and she said "That's good." I have to admit that even I didn't recognize her at first until she started talking to me.

Evan Seinfeld (Tera's husband) was helping to move the line of fans along, and we had a nice chat. He told me they are going to be doing cam shows from their home. I'm sure Tera's fans will enjoy that. I took some pictures of all the girls (they all looked so gorgeous) and then moved into a second room that was where people were mingling and drinking. There I ran into Devan Cypher of and Justine Joli. Devan and I joked that we each thought we'd be the only Press from L.A. covering the party.

There was a huge room next to that for dancing. Then, upstairs there were some private rooms overlooking the dance floor and VIP areas, including one balcony area--that one of the club employees called "the catwalk"--set aside for Jenna's party. After the autograph-signing, all the Club Jenna people and those of us with special badges went upstairs to celebrate. It was quickly apparent that the balcony area was WAY too small to accommodate all the people.

I waited for a while for the VIP section to get less crowded, then went in and worked my way to the other side where the girls were so I could get some photos. It was still jam-packed, but I shot a few photos, sometimes holding the camera over the top of people's heads in front of me. At one point someone needed to squeeze by and I moved sideways.

This is when the party took a downturn for me.

Jenna's bodyguard, Clay, started yelling at all of us to move back, which I couldn't do until the person squeezed by me and then after people behind me moved back. Clay had been standing among the Club Jenna girls (annoyingly inserting himself into every picture), but he lunged forward and started making everyone move back by shoving me with his body and forcing me towards the others. I kept asking "What are you doing? What did I do?" but he continued to act irrationally, yelling and shoving.

He shoved and propelled me towards the exit with his body using enough force to make me stumble at one point, and I turned around and yelled "Stop that!" but of course he didn't. He almost caused me to fall down the two stairs at the end of the VIP section, and I had to catch my footing to keep from falling.

Yes, he threw yours truly out of the party, after I'd been in the VIP area for only about 20 minutes. I thought about calling the police to report him, but did not want to ruin the party for others. I have had no response from the Club Jenna camp, although I have written twice to Jenna's assistant, Linda Johnson, and called once, leaving a message on her voicemail. This was totally inexcusable behavior, and I deserve an apology at the very least. I paid my own way to the party for flight, car and hotel.

It was an extremely upsetting experience. I've never been treated so disrespectfully, but luckily, I did manage to get some great pictures during the evening, so all was not lost.

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