Party at Club Naked
June 18, 2004

Layla Jade & Flower
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The flyer called this event "Poppin' Bottles with Models" and listed several pornstars who were expected to attend. The venue is called Club Naked, or simply, Naked. Every other Friday, Club Naked takes over the Grand Avenue Club in downtown Los Angeles.

I had not been to Club Naked before and was impressed by its size and special effects. There are three levels to the club, with the largest area being on the second floor and where people were dancing, sitting at tables or standing around watching the dancers. Above your head in this main room is an ever-playing, ever-changing laser light show, replete with special effect smoke blowing into the green laser beams, creating a beautiful effect. Where the beams hit the wall, there is a display of various designs. There was a very nice area outside where smokers and people wanting to escape the eardrum-bursting noise inside could gather for socializing. On the other hand, the music was WAY too loud and that was the biggest complaint I heard about the event. The other was that there wasn't enough area set aside for the VIPs.

On the third floor, which is one of the designated VIP areas, you can look out of large windows down onto the dance floor and you see the laser beams from above. It's really quite spectacular from the second or third floor. It was on the third floor that I found Belladonna with her husband Aiden, plus Cytherea and VanDalia. Bella was being such a good mommy-to-be and was not drinking. She seems so happy. I saw Konnie, Avy Scott, Flower, Mari Possa, Olivia O'Lovely and Layla Jade on the second floor. And, I met Echo prior to my departure in the outside area.


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