On the Set of
The Devil in Miss Jones
(remake by Vivid Video)
August 27, 2003

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Legendary director, renowned star from the 1972 original film, plus many well-known, present-day major stars. This just about guarantees an award-winning movie. Vivid Video bought the name "Devil in Miss Jones" from VCA and is producing their first remake of this popular classic.

Two superb writers collaborated on the script for the remake: Dean Nash and Raven Touchstone. Raven is a frequent contributor of scripts for adult movies. We met about a year and a half ago. She was very excited to share with me the details of the new version, which bears little resemblance to the 1972 original. There are some interesting plot twists that I will refrain from revealing. I truly think this is an adult movie that no one will fast-forward through to get to the hot sex that is present throughout.

The beautiful Savanna Samson plays the part of Miss Justine Jones, a self-absorbed, nerdy, shallow person who meets the Devil, Nora Devlin, played by Jenna Jameson. Devlin is not a mean devil, according to Jenna. She tries to get Miss Jones to take a good look at her life. Both women are outstanding in their portrayals of the two primary characters. When Jenna first heard about the remake, she wanted the role of the devil. She told me and another reporter that she was looking forward to the sex scene the next day with Savanna. She also spoke fondly of her girl/girl scene with Rachel Rotten that had occurred on a previous day. Rachel had never been sexual with another female, and Jenna felt the responsibility very strongly that this be a very positive experience for her. It went extremely well, according to Jenna. "By the end of the scene she was laying in my lap. It was so cute." They are already making plans to do a scene together in the future.

Georgina Spelvin, who was Miss Jones in the 1972 film, was brought back for a cameo role in this one, with her appearance as "one of the faces of the devil," according to director, Paul Thomas. Ms. Spelvin, who told me that she made an unknown number of adult movies from 1970 to 1979, had to be pleaded with several times until she finally agreed to play a part. She has known P.T. (as she and many people call Paul) for many years, going back to the days when both were in Broadway stage shows. Georgina began in musical comedy as a dancer and later became a choreographer. Her adult film career was sandwiched between several parts in mainstream movies.

Paul called her several months ago to ask if she would be in the movie, to which she replied that she wasn't interested. He asked if she would just read the script. She read it, and Paul said, "Come on, wouldn't you like to be a part of this?" to which Geogina replied, "There's no way in the world that you'd have the budget to offer me what it would take to make me interested in leaving my little nest." Then, finally, a couple weeks ago, he called again and made an offer she couldn't refuse. Very happily married and living in the L.A. area, Geogina spends her days knitting, gardening and writing.

Ted, a character who comes in and out of Miss Jones' life through the manifestation of different characters, is played by Dick Smothers Jr.  Nick Manning is Jordan, who works in the office with Miss Jones. He says, "I'm the one who's nice to her, when everyone else kind of thinks of her as a dork."

I only saw a small part of one sex scene today between Nick and Savanna. It took place next to the pool in the back yard, which is on a mountaintop, surrounded by canyons and other high mountains. Devlin was watching from a balcony above and later confronted Miss Jones by the pool.

This movie will be a treat for everyone. The setting for the scenes on this day and four days to come is inside and outside a gorgeous home in the Malibu hills. Much attention is paid to costuming, hair and makeup, and lighting (including making sure the sun is at just the right angle in the sky before shooting some scenes at sunset). And, of course, I must commend the gifted director, Paul Thomas, and the talented crew, without whom a movie of this caliber would not be able to be made. I have admired Paul since his acting days in the 70's and was just as excited about meeting him and seeing him direct this movie as I was to interview the actors. Dialogue was not rushed through; Paul would make sure every facial expression and line was delivered with believability.

I can't wait to see the finished product. Be sure and watch for the release.

[UPDATE AUGUST 13, 2005: the release date for this movie is September 21, 2005.]

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