On the Set of
Sin City's Digital Daydreams

October 12, 2004
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The screenplay for Digital Daydreams was written by Devan Cypher of HardcoreGossip.com. Francois Clousot was both the director and videographer.

When I first arrived, they were at the very end of a scene with Giana and John West, so I only got a few pictures of them. In the short time I watched, Giana and John seemed to work well together and managed to get in a lot of different sexual positions. They kept the action nice and steamy, even though they had a short time to complete their scene.

First, I watched Giana give John a blowjob. Then John displayed his talent at pussy-eating, much to Giana's delight. She pleaded with him in a breathy whisper after he'd been munching for a while, "Kiss me and let me taste it. It tastes so sweet." Then, Giana lay on the bed on her back with her butt to the edge of the bed. John stood next to the bed and put her legs over his shoulders allowing for nice deep penetration. Finally, they had sex in a reverse cowgirl position.

Next was a scene with Dale Dabone and Dee. Dale plays an ex-cop in this movie. He got kicked off the force because he became involved with a woman who was a suspect in a crime, and in an effort to help her and her baby, he contaminated the crime scene. Dee plays a runaway who used Dale to make contacts in the recording industry and then dropped him. In this scene, she comes home with him and they make love on the couch in his apartment. It was a very hot scene. It begins with kissing, then goes into a BJ, then Dale goes down on Dee. Sex positions include cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, a couple others and then concluded with a substantial cumshot on her tits.

There's one part that viewers are sure to love: When Dee gets very turned on, the Spanish words start flowing. You'll see how caught up in the action she is when you suddenly hear an excited Dee yelling "Oy, sí.  Más, más!" (Translation: Oh, yes! More, More!)  I'm sure anyone who watches this movie will agree that it is really cute when she does that. I sure hope the editor leaves that part of the audio track in.

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