Domcon - April 17, 2004
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Domcon took place from April 16-18, 2004, but I was only able to go on April 17. Organized by Mistress Cyan, with lots of help from others, the event was a huge success. Cyan said that she was surprised that people came from so many distant places, expecting it to only be a local event. People came from other states and even other countries.

There were many interesting costumes, bondage demonstrations, doms leading subs around by leashes or riding on their backs like jockeys on horses, foot fetishists massaging feet, lots of fetish gear for sale, and many toys to buy. There were lots of prize drawings, beautiful models, and women representing some of the Los Angeles area dungeons. In the late afternoon, there was a fashion show featuring fetish wear and a live demonstration by Cyan of the masterful use of a single tail whip on Rubee Tuesday.

Check out the interesting hosiery on Mistress Precious. I (and many others) initially thought that she had that beautiful design tattooed on her butt and legs. It was awesome. She came especially for Domcon from Houston, Texas.

Also in attendance were Cousin Stevie and Flower from Showtime's "Family Business." Stevie, who is Seymore Butts' cousin, is just beginning his own line of girl/girl videos. His first DVD is due out soon, and is titled "Pussy Party." He had some of the box covers available, so he could begin to promote it.

Also enjoying the event and taking pictures for their websites were Duke Hunter from and Steve Nelson from, both of whom I greatly respect and appreciate. They are such gentlemen. Duke took me by the hand as soon as I arrived and walked me around the venue, making sure I met everyone. Steve, seeing that I was standing in the background during one big photoshoot of the whole group of models, made sure everyone let me in the front to get some pictures, too. Thanks, guys! You always take good care of me.

Be sure and attend the next Domcon, touted as L.A.'s first and only professional and lifestyle domination convention. It's a guaranteed great time.

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