DragonsGate Studios
February 21, 2004
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I met Mistress Jordan, owner of DragonsGate Studios, in Las Vegas last month at the Bondcon convention. We were talking about her studios, and it sounded like an interesting place. It is used for movie shoots, photo shoots and parties, as well as being a place of business for people who work there to meet with their clients.

I found out that they have a party once a month for all ages to come and play, eat some good food and meet a lot of interesting people. They also have some other organized parties for different groups. I decided to go to this month's party to check out the place. When you open the door to Dragonsgate Studios, it looks like any other business, with a reception desk in the small room you first enter. Soon, however, you see how this business differs. There are magazines with beautifully shot pictures of fetish models (I later met David, the creator of these wonderful magazines). Then, in a bookcase, there is a small sign which reads something like, "Nipple clamps make a puppy dog out of the strongest man." Okay, now you know for sure this is no ordinary workplace.

Jordan, with her nice warm smile, soon came to greet me and a few others who had come here for the first time. She graciously showed us around her facility, and you can sense her pride in the place. There are two large rooms, each with different kinds of equipment, furniture, toys and accessories, all geared towards erotic play--everything from sensual light touch (feather dusters and other items to softly carress the body) to things that would please those who are into more pain (paddles, whips, etc). In between those extremes, there are restraints and ropes used for binding, which can be softly and artistically done, or tightly for those wanting to be more vigorously restrained.

There are two smaller rooms with other props, equipment and furniture, such as a chiropractic table, a doctor's examination table, and a school desk, among other things. There is a chair called a PES, which is used for electrical stimulation, but, as Jordan explained, it is disabled during parties, because they want to make sure you know how to use it properly. Some of the items are rented and used by movie companies or people putting on magic shows.

People start arriving at 8:00 p.m. for the party and most are there by 10:00 p.m. Those of us who wanted to shoot some photos arrived early, because there is no photography allowed during the party, so people can have privacy and anonymity.

All the people were very friendly, and I spoke mostly with a young couple (Carlos and Luminous Beauty) who have been to parties elsewhere and feel this one is the best. Carlos said it's a very safe place and the people are really nice. They are both very much into this lifestyle and later put on a beautiful exhibition that included some very creative bondage rope-tying, suspension and use of wands for electrical stimulation. Carlos is a fetish photographer and has some gorgeous images on his site, Enlightenedarkness.com.

Jordan got interested in this lifestyle many years ago, after playing with it a bit in her personal life and then going as a guest of another couple to parties they attended. She says she was very shy at first, just observing everything, but after about two or three years, she "played with everybody."

Jordan then spoke to Lady Laura, of Lady Laura's Dominion in Los Angeles, and decided to work professionally for her. That was around 12 years ago. She remembers that Lady Laura gave her a customer immediately. He was a foot fetishist and massaged her feet. She was so surprised that she could be the recipient of the pleasure and get paid for it besides. She worked there for nine months and then decided to go on her own. She moved to Palm Springs, then San Diego, then Las Vegas and finally settled in Orange County about five years ago.

Jordan created DragonsGate Studios to give people a safe place to play with other like-minded consensual adults. She moved to the current location about 2 1/2 years ago, when it became necessary to double the amount of space. She works there as a dominatrix and other dominatrixes works out of there, too. There is no sex allowed during a session, as was explained to me by Mistress Van Doren. A client is clearly told that up front, and if sex is even suggested during a session, the session will end immediately.

At the party, there were also no explicit sex acts, only people enjoying their fantasies in a fun and safe environment. Many people came with their significant other, but a few came with friends or alone. Most people just watched the goings-on or enjoyed themselves by visiting with old friends or meeting new people. There was every type of person imaginable: people in their twenties up to someone who was probably around 70, couples, singles, gay, straight, thin, heavy, dressed up, casual, and some wearing fetish attire. Visiting this fetish fantasy playground was extremely interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself just being an observer.

I'd like to thank Mistress Jordan, Luminous Beauty, Mistress Van Doren, Goddess Heather and Evolin Pierce for posing for pictures and Carlos for assisting.

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