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Tina Toy

website: http://www.tinatoy.com

Tina Toy"My name is Tina Toy and I love toys." Tina collects toys--"any toys you can think of," she says with a smile--and uses them in her videos. She has been in the industry for one year and only does girls, which limits the amount of work she can get because people are trying to push her into doing guys, and she doesn't want to.

She said that it's not that she doesn't like men--she does--but feels safer with girls and really enjoys them, whether at work or in her spare time. Some of her recent video work was A Taste of Nicole for Steve Drake, and she did a solo masturbation video for New Sensations.

She dances at the Imperial Showgirls in Anaheim, California, at La Palma and Magnolia, on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights when not doing a porn shoot. She got into dancing because she likes "playing with girls" and thought it would be a good opportunity to be around other girls.

When she's not dancing or shooting videos, she is practicing her martial arts which she has studied for nine years. Watch out, guys--she's a first degree black belt.

Her advice to others getting into the business is that it's easier if you get an agent. Also, don't just go to the production companies, but see a producer, director or photographer, so they get to know you and fall in love with you. Then they will recommend you. Also, go to events like the Slutwoman 2 party. Tina worked in the AIM (Adult Industry Medicine) booth at Erotica L.A., and has been doing fund-raising with them.

Her hope for the future? "I would like to be well-known as Tina Toy, the bad girl, and also feature at all the clubs in the US."

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