Erotica L.A.
June 19, 2004
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According to AVN, this year's event broke all previous years' attendance records, drawing crowds of 30,000 people. I only attended on one day--Saturday, June 19--although the event ran from June 18 through June 20. Attending one day this year was sufficient to exhaust me to the point of not having the energy to go to any parties that evening (I was invited to two) or being able to return, as I had planned, on the following day. That, in itself, told me that the event was larger in square footage, and, thus, entailed more trekking around. In addition to the booths of Video Production Companies which featured adult actresses (and a few actors) to sign autographs, there were also booths selling various products, ranging from furry hats to dildos to DVDs to adorable purses that looked like sexy corsets.

Although some major players were not present (Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly and Nina Hartley, for example), the stars and starlets of the industry were well represented. Erotica L.A. is an extremely fan-friendly event, allowing attendees to photograph all the beautiful and sexually-charged women they've been watching in their private moments, and affords them the opportunity to talk with them and even pose with them. Fans will stand in line for a half-hour or more in order to take a photo or get an autographed poster or headshot of their favorite star. Some of the longest lines of fans were for Tera Patrick, Mary Carey, Ron Jeremy, and Seymore Butts, who was there with his Cousin Stevie, Flower, and Mari Possa representing their Showtime series "Family Business." Huge throngs of people would also crowd around the stage where the Spearmint Rhino dancers were performing. People would also congregate in areas where any shirts or other items were thrown to the fans.

The rules at Erotica L.A. are very strict and performers are watched closely to make sure they are not flashing or doing anything too revealing. Some women were cautioned to stop bending over, revealing thong underwear that exposed too much of the genitalia, while others were told to stop doing a light spanking demo because it involved too much contact between fans and performers. This seemed even stricter than in past years. Although some complained about the strictness, it is not only to follow the L.A. City laws, but also to protect performers from fans. Occasionally, some impolite guy will forget their manners and not treat the performers with the respect they deserve--just as they would want other guys to respectfully treat their sisters--and they will grope a performer or touch her in some other inappropriate manner. One celeb recounted a story of posing with a guy who then licked her across the chest.

There are 50 photos in the gallery, which you can access by clicking the crowd photo at the top. I will be posting an additional gallery of photos from Erotica L.A. sent to me by my friend Dino, who got pictures of a lot of girls that I did not photograph.

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