Erotica L.A.
June 10-12, 2005
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Photos and text in this gallery were produced by Rachel Worth.
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From the Erotica L.A. Website:
"Since 1997, the Erotica Los Angeles show has been the leading and most recognized upscale shopping, entertainment, and educational sexuality and adult lifestyle expo in the United States. And this mainstream consumer show continues to grow dramatically in size and scope every year! With the increase in floor space, Erotica Los Angeles has created three interconnected Marketplaces, like a giant department store, to make our show floor easier for our consumers to navigate. These three Marketplaces are the Romantic Marketplace, the Gay Marketplace and the �X� Marketplace."

"Erotica LA (ELA) is produced and managed by Teddy Communications, Inc. (TCI) in conjunction with AVN Publications (AVN) and its subsidiaries and affiliates."

Although the show took place over a three day period, I was only able to attend on June 12. I spent 5½ hours weaving my way through the aisles of exhibit booths and beautiful people trying to capture a few images I knew you'd appreciate. Approximately 40,000 people attended this year's show, which the show's organizers say is an increase of over 60 percent over 2004's final figures. According to, Erotica LA had expanded its floor space this year by more than 65 percent.

There seemed to be more female attendees this year and more couples, too. Although the crowd was mostly comprised of young adult attendees, there were many of all ages, including seniors. You're never too old to enjoy some eye candy and have some fun. And, eye candy was abundant in every booth, which you'll see in the photo gallery.

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