Party at Entertanium Studios
January 30, 2003

Photos and text by Rachel Worth.  Copyright © 2003 Worth-a-Million Productions.

I ran into Jeff Booth, webmaster for Entertanium Studios, in Las Vegas in January. He was promoting a party at the Studios to help introduce the Adult Industry to this wonderful filming location. He invited me to come. I told him that I'd heard about the place a few months earlier and had been wanting to see it, so I assured him I'd be there.

What a wonderful party it was, and what a terrific place! It has 30,000 square feet of space, featuring many themed rooms along with production offices, makeup and dressing rooms and a large locker room. The facilities are used for both mainstream and adult productions. They actually have a full-sized nightclub set, with a bar, a stage and poles for dancers.

Themed rooms include an Arabian set, doctor's office, hospital room, Asian bedroom, dorm, office with cubicles and many more. There is a room they call "The Maze" that has beds at many different levels and includes ones hidden inside as you climb a ladder or crawl down into another space. There is also a specially built futuristic-looking object they call "The Close Encounters Set." People can crawl inside, where there are mattresses. Others can watch them through the viewing windows.

Entertanium Studios is also available for private parties and there are some private couples-only parties there each weekend. The party on this night was well-attended by many from the Adult Industry. Owners, Lynn and John, were very nice, and Lynn shared some interesting stories with me of how they obtained different items for their sets, including a huge chandelier in the nightclub. She said that they are constantly creating new sets, and she's always finding things for the sets in unexpected places. People who led tours of the warehouse-turned-film-location were friendly and informative. The food was delicious, and there was an open bar. A few of the girls got on stage to do some pole dancing and posed for photographers on the stage or in the themed rooms.

Mattresses inside
w/ viewing windows

Dorm Room Set

Sultans Tent
beds below and above

Vanessa & Aisha
in Arabian Room

Layla Jade




Layla and Dedra
in the Silhouette Booth



Vanessa & Mira

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