Erotica Boxing
from Back End Entertainment
October 23, 2004
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There was an excellent turnout for Erotica Boxing and additional chairs had to be obtained and set up in every nook and cranny. Because this was being taped for a movie, I was asked not to use flash. Therefore, because of the slowed down shutter speed, there is a lot of blurring when there is movement, but in a way, that gives you more of a feeling of the action.

I can tell you first hand that this event was taken very seriously by all the contenders. The girls were really going at it and were throwing extremely forceful punches. The girls would each start out wearing shorts and a skimpy top, but soon the tops came off. The first bout was between Alicia Rio and Jessica Voyer, the second between Julie Night and Hazel, the third between Desire Moore and Keiko, the fourth between Sofia Sandobar and Serena Marcus, and the last between Brooke Hunter and Lisa Sparxxx.

The ring girl was Candi Apple. The Event Commentators were Quasarman and Wankus, who added their usual humor and wit to the excitement of the boxing matches. Wankus also filled in as Ring Announcer when the original one didn't have what it took to keep the party going. Judges were Cytherea, Kaylynn, Peter Warren and Daisy. You'll have to rent or buy the video to find out the winners of each bout. I haven't heard when it is expected to be released.

The bout between Brooke and Lisa is the only one that contained sex that we were allowed to watch. After getting nude, the two girls went at it on the mat. You might say "they went down for the count." They were each orally pleasing the other, first individually and later in a 69 position. I understand there is a lot more sex that was filmed at other locations, and possibly before we were let in to the arena.

All the spectators appeared to be having a great time. There was a get-together afterwards nearby but I did not attend.

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