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June 4, 2005
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Photos and text in this gallery were produced by Rachel Worth.
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Many sponsors teamed up to throw this party at the famous Key Club: Erotic Inc. & Taboo Sex Toys (, Liquid Ice Sports Drink, Dragon Life Pictures (, Sean Healy, Sick Entertainment, Harmonic Ultra Flavor, Outrageous Toys, Audio Concepts Motoring and The Floating World (

We received nice gift bags upon checking in. There was a red carpet and media wall for photo ops. Austyn Moore, Aurora Snow, Victoria Sin and Cara Lott pulled up in a limousine, and as soon as the limo door opened, we photographers were at the ready, flashing away. We moved on to shoot some images in front of the media wall, where Nikita Lea and Joanna Jett also posed for pictures. Jila was handing out glo-sticks to everyone and consented to having her picture taken.

The party moved inside where DJ Alex Fino and DJ Space were rocking the house. There was a VIP area for the Adult Industry upstairs with a bar and free hors d'oevres. I chatted with a group of nice young gentlemen up there who all wanted my job (a common occurrence). One bought me a drink. Terri Redor of The Floating World was one of the sponsors and was there with his girlfriend. He's one of the nicest guys in the biz. Downstairs I met Sandy Simmers and took a couple photos.

The G-Spot Go-Go Dancers put on a great show at midnight. I tried taking pictures from the balcony above, but the pictures came out very hazy and dark. It was a good party, but, unfortunately, not many people showed up. Too bad, they missed out.

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