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FOXE Awards Show
June 17, 2004
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The Fans have spoken! The greatest thing about the FOXE Awards is that the fans, themselves, vote and decide the winners. FOXE stands for Fans of X-rated Entertainment, and you must be a member to cast your vote. Bill Margold is the founder of FOXE and remains as its chief. The tickets said that doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the show would begin at 8:30 p.m., but the show didn't begin until maybe 9:00 or later. At that time, there were around 150 people seated inside the Mayflower Ballroom, but many more people arrived as the evening progressed, and Bill estimated that, in all about 300 people showed up.

Many came to honor Seka, an industry pioneer, who, according to the Internet Adult Film Database, performed in 177 movies and directed two. She came to the event with family and friends who all wore purple t-shirts with her name and image on them. Bill said that when Seka first began in the industry and the two of them met, she told him that she was there to become famous, and Bill replied, "I'll start you out as hamburger and work you up to filet mignon." He acknowledged that she quickly became filet mignon.

Throughout the evening, various people came up to say a few words about and to Seka. Some brought gifts; a few wrote poems. A gentleman named Anthony gave her a movie reel canister filled with bonbons. Larry--a man well-known to many adult performers because he always treats them as princesses--spoke some kind words, kissed Seka's hand, and gave her flowers, as he is known to do for many of the performers. Henri Pachard gave a speech. Amber Lynn and Ron Jeremy each wrote poems that Teri Weigel read to Seka. "Dossman" read something to Seka that he had written for her. Summer Haze and her husband Craig Valentine gave Seka a gift of a glass dildo. Fred Lincoln, who worked in the early years with Seka also sat up on stage with Seka to say a few things.

Emcee duties were handled by Anita Cannibal and Emerald, first appearing in fat-lady, blow-up outfits and later in beautiful evening gowns. Teri Weigel and Bill Margold also hosted and handed out the fan-favorite awards. The Vixen Award was presented to Mary Carey, and the Favorite Male Performer Award to Lexington Steele. Tera Patrick won the Favorite Female Performer Award but was not present to accept it. She did, however, express her words of appreciation to Bill.

Outstanding performances were provided by Tina Toy, Pandora Dreamz and a finale by Zaccara and Lady Victoria Spencer. Lennox did a special dance for Seka that included a lap dance. Tina's performance was so spectacular and included everything from marching in an Army uniform holding an American flag, to pole dancing, to lighting her body on fire, and lots more. It was so spectacular that Bill immediately asked her to be the opening act for the next FOXE Awards Show, which will be held on February 20, 2005.

Photos in the gallery--in addition to previously mentioned people--include Makai, Kaylani and Savannah of the Suckulent Girls and also industry newcomer Ava Ramon.


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