FOXE 14 Awards Show
February 20, 2005
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Photos were produced by Dino and text was written by Joanne Cachapero.
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Despite the torrential downpour, loyal fans flocked to the 14th annual F.O.X.E. Awards, held at the Mayflower Ballroom in Inglewood on Sunday night. Production coordinator Brian Sebastian estimated a crowd of over 300 for the event.

F.O.X.E. founder Bill Margold extended a welcome to fans and an invitation to "pay homage to the people you've been jacking off to all these years." This year in particular, with such cold, wet weather, Margold says the F.O.X.E. awards are a great event for adult industry enthusiasts and insiders "to get warm among each other."

"Super" fan and longtime F.O.X.E. member Larry Hanan expressed his love for the hardcore celebrities, "They're real. They're not phony or anything and they need people to support them."

Lexington Steele gladly accepted his third Male Favorite award, while Vixen Teagan Presley was presented with her first F.O.X.E. Three-time Female Favorite Tera Patrick regretted being unable to attend due to prior obligations.

The highlight of the evening was a "broasting" (benign roast) of Marilyn Chambers, who received F.O.X.E.'s Lifetime Acheivement award. Ruling from her onstage throne, Chambers was lauded by Margold who said that Behind the Green Door (along with Deep Throat), "kicked open the doors for the whole damned industry. Without her and the late Linda Lovelace, and they can be mentioned in tandem for a number of reasons, we wouldn't be here tonight."

Ron Jeremy joined in the festivities with a poem he had penned for the occasion. The most historic moment arrived when Chambers was joined onstage by her Green Door co-star Johnny Keyes. The two actors had not seen each other for more than 25 years. "The scene me and Marilyn had changed the sexual mores of this whole country," reminisced Keyes. He also remembered that while filming the scene, after having intense sex for 45 minutes, Chambers literally passed out and had to be awakened with smelling salts. "That scene went all the way to Cannes and got an honorable mention� for the best sex scene ever shot on the planet Earth, and it still holds that."

When asked if she knew that her work in adult films would someday earn legendary status, Chambers said, "It was a big deal, but we didn't know it was going to be." Unknowingly, she helped to create what was known in the 70s as "porno chic."

The evening's performances opened with a spirited number from Alicia Rio that included some hot girl-on-girl action with Cumisha Amado, much to the delight of the audience. Rio was followed onstage by the lovely Ami Charms, some wet S&M hi-jinx from fish-net clad Keisha, Celestia Starr, "Hot Wife" Christina Noir, and red-headed new-comer Brandi May. Lori Wagner sang an original song, dedicated to legendary guest of honor Chambers. Also on hand were Lynn Lemay, Rhonda Jo Petty, Cara Lott, and Jezebel Bond. Backstage, several gorgeous girls from XTC Models posed, while an impromptu behind-the-scenes performance from Keisha and Lexington Steele made for quite a photo opportunity.

Another historic note was made with the mention of the re-release of the original Deep Throat, newly re-mastered by Arrow Productions. The L.A. premiere of the film is scheduled for Thursday, February 24 at the Laemmle Sunset Five Theatres at 8000 Sunset Blvd. It will mark the first time in 20 years an adult feature film can be viewed in a theatre.

Margold also appealed to the crowd for donations to the legal fund of Fred Salaff ( Salaff, who owns a residence in Panama, is currently imprisoned there for allegedly allowing the use of his house as a location for an adult film shoot. Suffering from ill health and intolerable jailhouse conditions, Salaff's legal expenses could eventually exceed $25,000.

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