Text by Taliesin the Bard

Photos by Rachel Worth, Worth-a-Million Productions

The Place: A studio in the San Fernando Valley (California)
The Event: Gangbang 2000
The Participants: Sabrina Johnson and a whole bunch of horny guys

The call went out. Ads were placed in sexually-oriented magazines. Sabrina Johnson would star in Gangbang 2000 from Fleshtone Productions, and lots and lots of guys were needed. Then on December 28 and 29, 1999 it happened.

There was the usual slow start thatís typical of so many porn productions, but once they got rolling, they really got rolling.

First up was signing in and having everyone's HIV tests carefully checked. Sharon Mitchell and her crew from AIM Healthcare Foundation were on hand to check the tests. The guys, who had been waiting outside the studio, were let in, completed their paperwork, and waited some more.

Sabrina entered and took her place in the boxing ring/stage area. She was as excited and raring to go as everyone. The Mistress of Ceremonies was the lovely Dee, and the four fluffers on hand to help keep the guys at-the-ready were Sassy, Porsha, Erica Cane and Jennifer. The guys lined up and the ladies began sucking dick.

Sabrina was a delight. She is charming, sweet and lots of fun. Most of the guys willingly went through the line several times in the two days of the shoot.

Everyone present, whether participating or not, had lots of fun. Jennifer was the most flirtatious of the fluff girls, and the first of them to get naked. She and Erica put on a masturbation show. The ladies were surprised that this would help keep the guys up, but the fluffers were definitely very good visual stimulation.

Youíll recognize many porn studs among the men including Mike Horner, Valentino, Jim Legman, Dick Nasty, Sasha Gabor, Lawrence Makiavelli, Brian Surewood, Jay Ashley and Kyle Stone. Also on hand was Steve Nelson, editor of Adult Industry News. And, a very blonde-looking Teri Weigel put in a brief appearance as well.

Some folks you may not see on camera who paid a visit to the set included character actor/extra Artie Choke, former actor and now swing club operator Jim Davey, and sometime actor Greg Derek. It was a busy set with lots of people coming and going.

The media was on hand as well. Fox TV News was there and also a crew from German television. Fox plans to broadcast their piece about the shoot during February sweeps week, and those of you on the Continent can expect to see the German program soon as well. And Rachel Worth, of Worth-a-Million Productions was there shooting stills and video. As one of the new talent came back from his few moments of porn stardom, Rachel asked him, "How was it?" He rolled his eyes and said, "Fantastic!" That seemed to be the operative word of the day.

Everyone had a great time but clearly Sabrina was worn out by the end of the experience. She was a real trooper and must be given credit for her incredible performance. Thereís a great cumbath near the end with a dozen or so guys gathered around her. Plus youíll see a few surprises, including when Dee, the Mistress of Ceremonies, left the stage for a short time and returned wearing a large strap-on which Sabrina sat on as everyone cheered her on.

It was a long two days, but a fun two days. And the movie is so hot.

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Fluffers at work

Sabrina and Dee

Ready! Set! Go!

The line-up

Don't be coy!

That's nice!


Nice ass!