Halloween Party at Ivar
in Hollywood
October 29, 2004
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We were promised "A Sinful, Wicked, Sex Z Night of Horrors." I don't know about Horrors (or did they mean Whores?), but it was sinful and wicked and FUN. The turnout was phenomenal, with lots of stars, and everyone was having a great time. Many were in costumes--cute ones, naughty ones, mysterious ones or skimpy ones. I didn't recognize some of the people but found out later who they were. There was a lot of flashing and I have it on good authority that someone was giving blowjobs.

Drinks were free if you got a ticket from Jeff Mullen from All Media Play. He was the party's organizer and did a bang-up job making it all happen. He was assisted by Shari, also from All Media Play, who was in charge of the Media. Mike Moz of Direct Models coordinated the exclusive VIP guest list. Participating sponsors for this freaky Friday night of porn fun were Digital Sin, Wicked Pictures, Sex Z Pictures, Shane�s World, Phoenix Releasing, Wanted List, Skyy Vodka, Direct Models, Dane Hardcore, Smash Pictures, Below 42 Vodka, Bishop�s Blind Sex Dates, Belvedere Vodka, KSEXradio and X-Play.

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