JKP Birthday Party
April 2, 2004
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In their usual fashion, JKP (Jill Kelly Productions), with sponsorship from Club Jenna, Hustler, Oui Magazine, Ecstasky Airlines & Brothel Hollywood, put on a fantastic party, which was promoted by Intoxicate U Entertainment. There were two parties going on at the same time. One was a ZINC Magazine Party and the other, in the VIP Room, was a birthday celebration for all the JKP contract girls that were celebrating birthdays in April: Tyler Faith, Ashton Moore, Jenna Haze, Cindy Crawford, and Haven

The crowd at XES in Hollywood was about twice the size of yesterday's gathering for the X-Con Pre-Party. Those of us on the JKP List were to receive special VIP badges, but there was a bit of delay and confusion surrounding who had the badges and where we could find this person. It turned out that all the chains of the badges had gotten knotted together and had to be painstakingly unknotted before we could receive them. I must thank Corey Jordan, Jill's husband, for being so nice to me and the two men who accompanied me. He was running all over trying to find us some badges so we could be admitted to the VIP Room. Eventually, the security guard was advised to let us in without them, and we received them later.

The celebs that I recognized or was introduced to were Jill Kelly (looking absolutely GORGEOUS) and JKP Contract Girls: Cindy Crawford (always a sweetheart), Jenna Haze (frazzled initially, but having a good time later, and, of course, looking as sexy as usual), and Tyler Faith (sparkling all over with body glitter... friendly and sweet). Ashton could not be there. Although she was in town that day for a movie shoot, she had to return to Arizona immediately after the shoot. I did not see Haven, although she may have been there. I also did not spot Alexis Amore.

Others included Bob Friedland (Jill's business partner), Dick Tracy, Cailey Taylor, Barrett Blade, Corey Jordan, Brad Armstrong, Roy Karch, August, Pamela Peaks, Michelle Lay, Stephanie Swift, Brittney Skye, Cytherea, Aria, Kaylani Lei, Lisa (also referred to [affectionately] as Lisa the Lesbian or Lezbo Lisa), Danny (from WantedList.com) and Mr Marcus.

Industry Press was represented by Mr Todd (Mr Todd's Wild Ride on LukeFord.com), Duke Hunter (TheHardcoreSource.com), Terri Redor (TheFloatingWorld.com) and Scott Fayner (LukeFord.com). Sorry, if I missed anyone.

The VIP room was beautifully decorated with balloons and lanterns. There were also goodie bags for everyone that contained a JKP DVD, JKP lighter, Hustler keychain, Hustler mints, a Paradise condom, and Astroglide. Some bags also had some other goodies in them, like edible body paint from Brothel Hollywood.

Special thanks to Duke Hunter, who always helps me sort out who's who and makes sure I get introduced to people, and to Barrett Blade, who was nice enough to take time to create some photo ops for me. And, thanks to all those involved who were responsible for putting on this party. You did a great job!

To see the Photo Gallery from the Party, click the photo at the top of the page. Pictured with Kaylani and Aria, in a photo inside the gallery, is Alit, who is not in the adult industry. She was there with her husband who knows Jill and others in the business.

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