Jill Kelly Productions
at Hustler Hollywood
to Promote New
Topco Product Line

April 24, 2003

Photos and text by Rachel Worth.  Copyright © 2003 Worth-a-Million Productions.

The Fans Came to Meet and Greet JKP Girls

Long lines and patient admirers
The girls at Jill Kelly Productions were all seated at a long table at the back of the Hustler Hollywood store. They all looked radiant and were beautifully dressed, carefully coifed and meticulously made up. They were surrounded by large, beautiful, multi-colored balloons which made the area around them glow with pinks and purples. They were there to promote their new product line of adult novelty items through Topco Sales. They currently have 120 products in the Jill Kelly Superstar Collection with 120 more to come in the future.

There were probably about 100 or more fans in line. Some brought flowers; others brought candy; many brought items for the girls to autograph. At first, people were taking pictures of the JKP stars and also asking to pose with them. Hustler reps finally had to tell everyone that they could no longer pose with the girls because it was taking too long.

Deven Davis was the emcee of the evening and was in charge of the prize drawings. There were many prizes given to happy fans, including sex toys, novelties and movies. They also gave out really nice tank tops to the females in line. The shirts are black with silver sequins that spell out jillkellyproductions.

Deven was the first to greet fans in line and sign autographs. Next was Tyler Faith, then Jenna Haze, Jill Kelly, Alexis Amore, Ashton Moore, and finally, Haven. Skye Blue joined the group later on and posed for pictures and helped out with the prize giveaways.

It was a wonderful evening. Jill expressed her pleasure at the turnout of fans, and the Topco representatives were also pleased. The event began at 6:30 for Press and 7:00 for the public. I left around 9:30 and there was still a substantial line stretching through the store.

Ashton & Jill


Jill & Skye

JKP girls

Alexis & Deven





Tyler, Jenna, Jill

Ashton & Haven


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