Jill Kelly Productions Christmas Party
December 18, 2004
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When the JKP party was first being planned, it was going to be a small party for the people who work in the office and those who work in the warehouse. Then, Platinum Events--an Event Marketing and Publicity Firm--got involved and the public was invited at a cost of $20 each, as stated on a Press Release issued to some media outlets. According to Scott Hoover, JKP's director of publicity, no special invitations were sent to adult industry celebs, although they could be admitted free by RSVPing to a special e-mail address that was on the Press Release. In addition to JKP, the party was sponsored by Gwenmedia, Collateral Damage XXX, Bizarre Video, and Blu.

So, what resulted was basically a company party for around 30 people in the VIP area of the El Centro Club. There were lots of people in the public areas of the club, many of whom had no idea that the JKP party was even going on. They had come to dance in the main room of the club. Those who paid to come to the JKP party and to see stars got to see Jill, Tyra Banxxx, Tyler Faith, and Nikki Benz from JKP, Wankus and Daisy from KSEXradio.com and Lee Stone and Aria who are both adult performers and also have a show on KSEXradio.

While some may have been disappointed because they expected more celebs, in truth, no one was promised that it was going to be filled with porn stars. It was, after all, a company party, and the employees from JKP seemed to be having a good time. I had a good time, too. I enjoyed talking with the people who were there, and I was able to get some nice pictures for all of you to see.

I met Alan, who designs the JKP box covers. I met Brett, who does the photos for the box covers, and Dennis who is in sales. I also met Shane and Meesha, who were friends of the promoter and not in the adult biz, although everyone thought Meesha was a celeb. Holly was a girl who wasn't an invitee, just a club-goer, but she was dressed so cute, I had to have a picture. And, I think that Danica, Shannen and Traci were just at the club to have a good time. I don't think they knew people at the JKP party, but I could be wrong. They loved having their pictures taken. It's always nice to see Jill's friend Yvette; she's so sweet and bubbly and always greets me with a smile and a hug.

Tyra Banxxx and Nikki Benz are the newest JKP girls, and I had never met them, so Scott brought them over to meet me. I hope you enjoy the pictures I got of them. They are both very attractive. I think my favorite photo of them is the one of the two of them together (image 9).

Jill--looking beautiful as always--was sitting in a booth surrounded by various people. People would come over to greet her and talk for a while. I had brought some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies for all to enjoy and they were a big hit. Jill loved them and others also raved about them.

Even though Jill doesn't perform any more, she still has a lot of fans, so there were some people there who were excited about even being in the same room with her. They were awestruck and too afraid to even go up and say hi. And, I heard one guy on his cell phone saying "Dude, you'll never guess where I am. A porn party!"

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