Cuzz's Birthday at
May 13, 2005
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The studio was filled with friends to help celebrate Cuzz's 27th birthday. Dreadstar, Flexx, Soxxx, Powder, Chris Rock, Tod Hunter, Sideshow Tony and I all spent the evening at the studio during the Temptation Show with Lorrainiac (Rain) and CuzzFucker. Lady Bastette and Jay Moyes were the evening's surprise as Jay arrived in drag, wearing a black dress, fishnet pantyhose and high heels with an ankle strap. A black thong under the dress completed the outfit, revealing a butt that Rain and I envied.

Rain even had Jay give Cuzz a dance, and the expression on Cuzz's face was priceless. Lady Bastette gave Cuzz his birthday spankings with a paddle and Cuzz showed off his reddened cheeks. Sideshow Tony and Chris Rock demonstrated their dance moves that probably won't get them hired by Chippendale's. And Rain forced me to dance, also, but you won't see the humiliating pictures here.

Most importantly, Cuzz seemed to be having a good time and was pleased with the presents that people brought. I brought homemade chocolate chip cookies, by request, and those were greatly enjoyed by all.

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