Lorrainiac's Birthday
June 10, 2004
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Lorrainiac (Rainy/Rain) turned 32 years old today. I decided to join Rainy and Cuzz for their show, Temptation, at the KSEXradio studios to help celebrate her birthday tonight. Since Wankus could not be here on this night, a big party is planned for tomorrow night. But, tonight, it was just the three of us--Rain, Cuzz and I. Many people called in to wish Rainy a Happy Birthday, including Wankus and some of the people who hang out in the KSEX chat room. To honor Rainy's birthday, all the chatters had Happy Birthday or the number 32 as part of their names.

Cuzz had brought in a chocolate cake for Rainy, but he couldn't find any candles, so he grouped a whole bunch of matchsticks together and stuck them in the middle of the cake, lit them and had Rainy make a wish and blow them out. Fans watching the cams were treated to some oral sex when Cuzz--in answer to requests from the chat room--did some nice tongue-lapping of Rain's pussy, which he proclaimed was very tasty.

Cuzz gave Rainy a bottle of Jack Daniels which she drank during the show. She said this is the fourth birthday she has celebrated at KSEXradio. She was excited but apprehensive about her party the following night. It is a yearly tradition for Wankus to grab a handful of cake and smash it in the face of the birthday celebrant. She wasn't sure what else to expect.


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