Lorrainiac's and Gemini's Birthdays
at KSEXradio.com
June 10, 2005
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Photos in this gallery were produced by Rachel Worth and Zal.
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Is there such a thing as getting too much booze for your birthday? I guess not, because Rain could have opened a liquor store with all the booze she got as presents. Okay, well, we know one's diet can't consist of just alcohol, so someone considerately gave her about a week's supply of Macaroni and Cheese. Woohoo!

Gemini, a KSEX listener from Iowa was in town for Erotica L.A. and her birthday is the same day as Rain's, so this was a dual celebration. Gemini is also a dancer in Gentlemen's Clubs, so she gave lapdances to Rain and to ACCream, another KSEX listener that happened to be in town and was in the studio.

Others who honored Gemini and Rain by coming in to celebrate were Friday night Temptation show regulars Chris Rock and Sideshow Tony. Also present were Dreadstar, Zal (who sent some of his photos for you), Lady Bastette, Jay Moyes, Flexx, former techs Dahmer and Powder, Damian Salsuero, Keiko and Rob Longshot. And, of course, me (Rachel)! It was a full house. I made gift bags for each person with various little items inside. The hit seemed to be the ben-wa balls keychain which a few people were playing with in an erotic manner. Ahem.

In typical trailer trash tradition, there was no cake. Instead, there were hostess cupcakes with candles in them.

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