Thousands of Pornstars at Pornstar Stop

Gauge's 2nd Annual
Trailer Hitch BBQ
at the KSEXradio Studios
July 2, 2004
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Does KSEXradio know how to throw a party or what!  I arrived at 7:30 and the party had been going since 5:00. Surprisingly, some people had already left--their loss; they missed all the fun. It started out calmly enough. Before I arrived, Gauge and Quasarman had completed their show, Distorted Reality, with Gauge decked out in goggles and military helmet and vest. Turns out that she just had lasik eye surgery earlier that day and needed to wear the goggles to protect her eyes. Quasarman had left before I arrived, but Gauge was there until the very end.

Next, Jason Sechrest did his show, The Young and the Curious, with guest Cindy Crawford (the porn star Cindy--yes, it's her real name, so she can use it). Mac Turner, the hunk Jason is currently dating, was also in the studio. Mac stayed until the end of the party, but Cindy and Jason left.

I arrived during the Wanker Show hosted by Wankus and Katie Morgan and stayed until 2:30 a.m. through Jaded By Lust with Kendra Jade and Daisy, and The Temptation Show with Lorrainiac and CuzzFucker. Many guests were on the shows and many others were partying behind the scenes. They included Shayna Knight, Craig C, Marty (DGNR8 from the chat room), Gauge's boyfriend Jason, who was enhancing a tattoo that Daisy already had on the small of her back), Dee, "Chris Rock" (a pseudonym, not the real one), Katie's man Greg, Lisa Sparxxx and her man Scotty, Konnie (from DVSX), Keiko, Rob Longshot, Gene Ross, Gauge's webmaster for (I think his name is Bill), Anthony (friend of Chris Rock), Smokie Flame, KSEXradio Techs Soxxx and Splooge, Girth Brooks, Cytherea, Flower, Jimmy Mofo, Olivia O'Lovely, Gia Jordan, Cailey Taylor, Dick Tracy, Johnny Buss and the very special surprise guest of the evening: Heather Lyn.

Heather was in town from Texas and arranged with Rainy to come in and surprise Wankus. She was supposed to be there by the end of Wankus's show at 9:00, but didn't arrive until almost midnight. Wankus was very surprised and thrilled to see her. It was a real treat for all who were around for when Heather was a co-ho on Wankus's show. Mikey, a loyal listener who can be found often in the chat room, was especially excited, calling Heather the all time best co-ho. Heather will return on Monday for The Wanker Show and will come to Porn Star Karaoke on Tuesday (July 6).

So, back to the details of the party... Rainy and Cuzz showed up with a keg, which was dragged into the studio at first, then put in the Jock Lounge to enjoy and finally dragged back into the studio at the end for what Gauge called "Keg Stands." This, for the keg-drinking-parties uneducated (like me) is where the person does a hand stand on top of the keg (with people holding their legs up) and the nozzle of the hose connected to the keg is placed in the person's mouth. The beer is then squirted directly in their mouth, and the person drinks the beer for as many seconds as they can while being upside down. I declined everyone's invitation to join in, opting instead to capture the hilarious images for you all to enjoy.

As far as the barbecue itself, I didn't get to taste any of the hamburgers or hotdogs so I can't really say how it was. I had a few crackers and some diet soda and that was it. I brought in some fresh baked-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies which went over really big.

As far as sexual activity, there was a whole lot of action. Hey, no one ever said "What happens at KSEX, stays at KSEX." So, since it was on cam and therefore, rather public, I think I can tell the details. If not, maybe I should get out of town quickly. Okay, here is what I remember (not in chronological order)... Early in the evening, Shayna was yelling out "I need to suck some cock." Her wish was fulfilled. Shayna and Daisy were blowing Wank; Shayna was blowing Girth; Cytherea and Olivia were helping Flower have a squirting orgasm (which soaked Cytherea's hand); Konnie was feeling up Gauge; and Keiko was orally servicing Splooge and her man Rob.

Jimmy Mofo had a red dildo on his crotch that someone (yeah, Shayna again) was sucking. Gia was feeling all the bare boobs of Daisy, Kendra, Gauge and Lisa while giving commentary about each pair. Heather Lyn demonstrated that she can still lick her own boob. Rainy felt Heather's boobs and even made out with her for about five seconds. I think there was other stuff going on but I don't remember (really I don't and I wasn't drinking). People who were watching on the live webcams got a rare treat because the cams were left on until the wee hours of the morning, so they were able to watch ALL the action, even in the Jock Lounge.

When I left at 2:30 a.m., there were still about ten people there, so I don't know the official ending time or what happened after I left. Oh, I almost forgot, the cops showed up. A complaint from a neighbor about too much noise brought them there and that was quickly remedied.

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