for The Young and The Curious

In the KSEXradio Studio July 9, 2004
for the Young and the Curious
with host Jason Sechrest
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Jason asked me to cover his show tonight because Mac Turner was going to be a guest. Well, it turned out that Mac's appearance was postponed for two weeks, and although he showed up towards the end of Jason's show, he wasn't there to be on the show. I think he just wanted to talk to Jason and hang out at the station. Mac and Jason had recently been dating, and Mac was going to start performing in gay porn movies, but he and Jason had broken off the dating relationship the day before and decided to just be good friends. Mac said he's not really gay and has decided to do straight porn, instead.

Jason's guests on this night's show were Bobby Brennan and Keri Windsor.

Bobby, a very softspoken guy, announced that he has retired from the porn biz and that he eventually wants to earn a graduate degree and would like to open a restaurant. According to his website, he is taking real estate courses now and has registered with a mainstream modeling agency. Jason did get him to take down his pants to show his goods.

He also revealed a piercing through the head of his penis and Jason mistook a face I made as a reaction to Bobby's piercing, when, in fact, I was just making a silly face at Jason. Jason asked Bobby how he can pee with that piercing, and he said that sometimes the pee comes out the piercing holes. Bobby is in the process of getting a tattoo. He had the outline of the design on his arm and upper chest and will soon have it filled in. It says Porn Star and has other swirls and designs on it, as well.

Keri said she hasn't done any movies lately; she said she has put on some weight and is self-conscious about her body. She did bare her breasts for a part of the time. She got offers from both Jason and Bobby to give her some oral pleasures, but she declined. Keri does some live cam shows and chats through her website (see the address below). On her site, she has a very interesting bio, lots of free pictures, a message board and more.

When Jason ends his show, he always has the guests play "screaming orgasms" whereby they either fake, or not fake, a huge orgasm. Bobby did his, but Keri said that she can't fake an orgasm. The hourlong show ended and everyone left immediately. As did I.

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