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Ringing in the New Year with KSEXradio

All text and photos are the property of Worth-a-Million Productions, Copyright © 2002-2003

In usual KSEXradio fashion, New Years Eve was filled with hosts, co-hosts, guests, booze, music and orgies. Wait! That sounds like EVERY night in the KSEX studios. But this night was format-free with various Show Hosts and Co-hosts coming to the mic to do whatever he or she wished. And the whole studio and Jock Lounge were beautifully decorated with balloons, confetti, horns and hats. The Show Hosts and Co-hosts on hand to direct this wild online party were Wankus, Daisy, Lorrainiac, CuzzFucker, Flexx, Chef Jeff, Katie Morgan and Rhiannon Bray. Lucky webcam viewers were not only privy to the happenings in the studio but were also treated to segments of a live web broadcast from a bedroom at DJ and Nikka's house where they were hosting a very wild party. Guests frequently appeared to perform a variety of sex acts in front of the camera.

Meanwhile, back in the KSEX studio, Rhiannon Bray was trying to get her man, or any other willing man, to get off. She and her date for the evening proceeded to play for the cameras and the in-studio party revelers. The wildest party began after midnight when, at one time, there were six participants entwined in an orgy on the floor of the studio. KSEXradio fan, White Tiger, grabbed a cam to get up close and personal footage of the action throughout the night. Another fan, Dactribble, also came in to join the party.

Around 2:00 a.m., Chef Jeff got on the mic and continued a live broadcast until 5:00 a.m. Flexx, Johnny Buss and I (Rachel) were his co-hosts on the couch, and we even had a caller join us for some banter for at least an hour. Sometime around 3:00, Daisy, Katie and her man were sound asleep in the Jock Lounge, and Wankus had fallen asleep on the floor of his office. Around 4:30, Wankus came in the studio, still half-asleep, in just his shirt (which, by the way, was a shirt of Max Hardcore's). He made his way back into the Jock Lounge and before I left, he was sound asleep again, this time wrapped in Daisy's arms. Still without his pants.

Special guests Melissa Ashley, Brandi Lyons, Rodney Moore and Johnny Buss can be seen in the photos, as well as ex-KSEXradio producer, Matt, with friend, Hannah. Melissa and Brandi were on their way to DJ and Nikka's party but stopped in to say "hi."

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