KSEX Games
July 31, 2004
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All photos and text were produced by Rachel Worth.
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Teams representing five different adult movie companies competed against each other in the First Annual KSEX Games: Private, Wicked, Adam & Eve, Red Light District and DVSX. The events were Potato Sack Race, Pornstar Beachyball, Nipple & Slide, Tug-Of-Whore, and Bitch Fight. Play-by-Play was given by Ginger Lynn and Quasarman, and Wankus was the referee. All of the events were taped and are available to watch through Video on Demand BY CLICKING HERE.

This was no child's play. The girls all took the competition seriously and each gave it her all. You'll see it as it all happened--nothing phony, no outcomes pre-planned. Lots of nudity and perfect bodies. Enjoy the beauty of naked women relaxing in and around the pool when they weren't competing in an event.

See some of the photos I took by clicking on the picture at the top.

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