In the Girls' Locker Room

at the Laugh Factory
Los Angeles, CA

March 13, 2002

I received an invitation to the Laugh Factory from Sheena Metal, a well-known Los Angeles DJ on KLSX-FM radio. She is also a comedian (comedienne?), and every Wednesday night she hosts a special show called "In the Girls' Locker Room." I invited Lorrainiac and Cuzz from KSEXradio, along with Mike, a friend of mine, who is also a KSEXradio fan and goes by the name "BBQ" in the chat room. (Mike is in the middle two pictures with Lorrainiac in last row below.)

The Wednesday night 10 pm show is comprised of female comedians, and tonight's performers were Sue Costello, Paula Bel, Lanha Turner, Thea Vidale. Sheena began the show, performed between all the others' routines, and introduced each comic before their entrances.

We all had a wonderful time. My jaw hurt from smiling so long, but try as I might, I couldn't help but smile and laugh the whole evening. The crowd reacted postively to all the comics, and gave a standing ovation to Thea, who was outstanding.

Sheena was warmly received by the audience and she didn't fail to provide us with a hilarious look inside her life, which includes adjusting to a new slimmer body--devoid of 120 pounds and still declining--relationships with men, and sex.

No subject was taboo, and the entertainers took top tragic news stories that didn't have an ounce of humor in it and still found a way to make us laugh (and feeling slightly guilty).

If you're free on a Wednesday evening, call the Laugh Factory at (323)656-1336 to find out when the next "In the Girls' Locker Room" is going to be occurring. For some reason it's not listed on their website, but you can get the address, directions and other information on the site.

Photos and text by Rachel Worth. Copyright © 2002, Worth-a-Million Productions.
Absolutely NO photos or text may be used without permission.

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