Birthday Party for
Lisa Sparxxx
October 4, 2003

Photos and text by Rachel Worth, Copyright © 2003. All photos are the
property of Worth-a-Million Productions and may not be used without permission

When I saw Lisa last Wednesday at the shoot for Big Top Digital, she invited me to her birthday party, occurring tonight at a hotel in Sherman Oaks--a long drive from Torrance. It was to begin around 9:00 p.m. I arrived around 10:30. There were so many people that it was difficult to even get inside the door. There were supposed to have been three suites next to each other, but Lisa said there was some kind of mixup and there was a main suite where everyone was jammed in and two suites down the hall.

Out of all the people that were there, I only knew a handful: Lisa, her friend Scotty, Layla Jade, her friend Bill, Tod Hunter, Johnny Buss, Steve Seidman, Sammie Sparks, Chase, Kayla from KaylaCam, and from KSEX: Wankus, Daisy, DJ, Nikka, "Boococky" and "Dahmer." I met the porn star, Pam Anderson, and a few other people. It seemed like it was about 90% guys and 10% girls there.

There was music coming from a CD player and there was food, but I didn't have any. For drinks, there was beer, vodka and Red Bull. I didn't see a birthday cake. After all of us sang "Happy Birthday," some of the guys started chanting, "Show us your tits." Lisa obliged. Later, they enjoyed more flashing from another girl, Loni Kahlua.

The hotel started complaining about the noise and threatened to call the police. It was extremely noisy in the one room and I guess the running back and forth down the hallway to the other rooms got to be too much for those in neighboring rooms. Lisa decided to move the party to someone's house in the downtown area to avoid being kicked out of the hotel. It was already about 1:15 a.m. so I decided to just head for home.

I only took three pictures. I plan to continue the celebration with Lisa at the KSEXradio studio on Tuesday night. I took a beautiful picture of her last Wednesday at the shoot, and I showed it to her at her party. I'm getting a frame for it, and I'll bring it to her Tuesday.

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Johnny Buss and Lisa Wankus with Johnny, showing off his new Dolphins tattoo (Wankus has a lip print on his right cheek from Layla Jade's kiss) Pam Anderson being
attacked by "Boococky"

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