Digital Playground's
Premiere Party
February 26, 2004
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Mix lots of action and explosive special effects with some surprisingly good acting and you have the new release from Digital Playground called "LOADED."

As the Digital Playground website describes, "Loaded tells a fast-paced story about cold-blooded killers, detectives, and witnesses, all working against the clock. The action on one day of filming alone was so intense, Fox News covered the San Pedro Harbor boat explosions from the air and the ground. With hundreds of special effects, real drag races, insane gun fire and scintillating sex scenes exposing an A-list cast, director Nic Andrews sets a new standard." See for yourself by viewing the movie trailer HERE

The movie features Contract Star Jesse Jane, Barrett Blade, Eric Masterson, Asia Carrera, Brittney Skye, Lea DeMae, Tyce Bune, Cheyne Collins and Lee Stone. The DVD includes over a dozen extra features, including a bonus sex scene starring Jesse Jane, a special 15 minute behind-the-scenes report, a running audio commentary, and a hilarious blooper reel.

The Premiere Party was held at Cinespace in Hollywood. I thought the valet attendant was trying to gouge me when he asked for $20, so I quickly bid him adieu and found a free space on the street. A huge crowd of invited guests showed up and filled the many different areas of this extremely spacious venue. The movie was shown in a large room with a huge movie screen in the front and scattered tables and booths throughout. All of the tables seemed to be reserved, and many guests had to stand to watch the movie, which lasted more than two hours (counting all the bonus footage at the end).

Nic Andrews, an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed writer and director, welcomed the crowd and talked about making the movie. He said that it took about 14 days of shooting and had the biggest budget of any movie he has directed. He was surprised by the acting ability of all the stars, and was especially impressed with Jesse Jane's enthusiasm and the fact that she always knew her dialogue.

The idea for the movie had been proposed to Nic by Barrett Blade and Eric Masterson, who had originally approached another company with the idea. When that company dragged their feet and took too long to decide, they talked to Nic, who immediately jumped into the project and wrote the screenplay.

I enjoyed the movie, and if you like a story line with a lot of shoot-'em-up adventure, explosions, cars overturning, sexy stars and some hot passion thrown in, then you're sure to like this one. There are a couple scenes, though, that make you go "Huh? That doesn't make sense." One was when Detective Roth (Barrett) barricades himself behind barrels supposedly filled with explosive materials, after other identical barrels had just expoded. He fires off rounds of ammo from there and the gunfire is returned. Hmmm... seems the least logical place to hide behind. The second scene was when Roth and Detective Simms (Eric) are protecting Heather (Jesse) by keeping her in a motel room, and they trade off staying with her. Both of them walk in and out of the UNLOCKED room from outside--at seemingly unexpected times--without knocking, and with no expression of fear or surprise from Jesse and whoever is guarding her.

The only other negative comment is that some of the lighting was too hot and created a distracting shine off of teeth or jewelry. This was only noticable a few times, though, and to have exactly the right amount of lighting at all times is, understably, a difficult task.

Apart from that, there are a lot of times when I felt I was watching a mainstream production, and, like Nic, I was impressed with Jesse's acting ability, as well as Barrett's and Eric's. Congratulations to Nic, the cast and crew, and everyone at Digital Playground for creating another sure-to-be-successful product. And, thanks for a very nice party!

LOADED will be released March 2, 2004.

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