Mary Carey's Birthday Party
June 16, 2004
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Although it wasn't a huge crowd at ICE to celebrate Mary's birthday, there were plenty of people around her that love her. She had a lot of attention from all the males that were there, and she also had lots of female friends surrounding her. Mary had recently reunited with an old friend from High School, and she was excited that her friend came to the party. Mary was a great hostess, introducing people to each other. Hannah Harper was there and was enjoying herself dancing, drinking and socializing with friends. A group of models were there from Direct Models.

I met Lucy Lee and shot some photos of her. Ava Ramon is a newcomer and it appears that Mary is taking her under her wing. Mary introduced me to a very pretty girl named Jamie. I'm not sure if she is in the adult industry or not. Actually, the way Mary introduced Jamie was hilarious. She said "This is Jamie. She had sex with XXXXXX (a mainstream celebrity). Jamie gave Mary that oh-my-god-I-can't-believe-you-said-that look. Mary went on to explain that XXXXXX had seen her (Mary) on television and contacted her with the hope of getting together. She explained to him that she couldn't do it, and ended up arranging for Jamie to go out with him.

James Bartholet, from the cable television show L.A. Nitelife, interviewed many of the female partygoers. As he walked by me afterwards, he said I missed a good photo op when two of the women were rubbing their breasts against each other. He said something about having a hard-on as a result.

I understand that more people were on the way to Mary's party (they called on her cell phone), but I had to leave to attend Elegant Angel's party celebrating the release of "Cytherea iz Squirtwoman."

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The party was promoted by Intoxicate U Entertainment.
Mary Carey's website is Check it out!

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