Melissa Ashley
Private Shoot

September 20, 2001
Melissa Ashley

Photos by Rachel Worth. Copyright © 2001. All rights reserved.
Absolutely NO photos or text may be used without permission.

The word that comes to mind when trying to describe Melissa is "sweetheart." She is so friendly, sweet and likeable, how could anyone say anything but wonderful things about her.

Melissa's friendliness and warm personality shows in her website, She loves to please the fans, inviting suggestions and comments and even personal meetings and photo shoots. She has lots of wonderful content, sure to please all members. Although she provides considerable free content, visitors will surely want to join to see all the great photos in the members' section.

I was fortunate to shoot the following photos in a personal photo session. First I interviewed Melissa. Then, I shot lots of photos of her and also shot a VERY HOT video of her and her boyfriend. The photos below that have the whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cherries were frames that were captured from the video. I believe the video will end up in the members section of Melissa's site, and when I get a members-only section on my site, I will place some clips there.

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Melissa Ashley Melissa Ashley Melissa Ashley & Shaggy Melissa Ashley & Shaggy
"If porn didn't exist tomorrow, I'd probably go into meteorology or commercial fishing." A lot of guys like the young look, and a lollipop always helps. A Melissa whipped cream sundae was on the menu for Shaggy
Melissa Ashley & Shaggy Melissa Ashley & Shaggy Melissa Ashley & Shaggy Melissa Ashley & Shaggy
"Ooo, that's cold," said Melissa. "Here, do you want a taste?" asked Shaggy. "Mmmm this is good," Shaggy exclaimed. "Next time we'll try a banana split." "Thanks for the delicious dessert."
Melissa Ashley Melissa Ashley Melissa Ashley Melissa Ashley
Although Shaggy did a great job licking her clean, there was still a lot of stickiness to wash off. Melissa said that fans have been asking for shower pics, so these should surely please them.

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