On the Set of
No Man's Land Latin Edition 5
from Video Team
December 19, 2004
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I was invited on the Video Team set by the beautiful Dee, who is the Producer of this movie. I was pleased to see that the director was Cass Paley, with whom I hadn't been on set for three and a half years (that time for the movie No Man's Land Asian Edition 2). I remarked at that time, and I'll reiterate, that I enjoy being on his sets. He is a lot of fun and is very low-keyed, creating a relaxed atmosphere for all. He speaks to everyone with respect and is just a genuinely nice guy.

The movie is about a girl who finds out that someone is spreading rumors via the Internet that she is a lesbian and she sets out to find out who is the culprit. The search involves a lawyer, a supermodel, a reporter, a computer hacker and a few others who help find out the person who leaked the information to an online tabloid journalist.

When I arrived, there was a scene in progress with Valerie and Avy Lee Roth. They were busy playing with dildos and with each other, including tasting their own juices off the dildos. Avy is the aggressor of the two, with Valerie being rather coy but certainly enjoying the action. Avy shoves a dildo in Valerie's pussy and then sticks it in her mouth, making her suck on it for a while. They maintain a lot of eye contact and interact well in the scene.

The second scene was with Jasmine Byrne and Megan Martinez. Megan is playing a reporter who is interviewing Candy Velez, a movie star convincingly played by Jasmine. After the reporter admits being an admirer, and after giving a hint of sexual interest, they soon get into some action. They play with dildos, go down on each other individually and then in a 69 position.

The third scene was with Mika Brown and Sativa Rose. Sativa was the only actress in this movie that I had known previously. Mika is playing a lawyer, and Sativa is playing her assistant, Consuela. When the lawyer calls Consuela into her office and asks for a favor, she ends up teasing Consuela by pulling a strap-on out of a drawer. Consuela climbs up on the lawyer's desk and after some initial kissing, she lies back and the heat builds as the lawyer sucks on Consuela's tits and dives down between her legs. Then the lawyer sits on top of a cabinet so Consuela can reciprocate.

The fourth scene includes Marlena playing Maria, the young girl who has had the gossip spread about her, and Lulu Dodge--the gossip columnist--played by Dillan Lauren, who was well-cast for this part. When Maria goes to Lulu's place to ask for a retraction of the gossip about her, she ends up getting into some hot play with Lulu. The chemistry is very good and they proceed to explore every orifice with mouths, fingers and toys. Dillan lights up at the mention of some dildos and vibrators she can choose among, and is especially happy when she is told she can keep what she used, which was a glass dildo with stripes that happened to match a different sized one she had brought with her. Dillan is a very high-energy person who seems to enjoy her work in this business. She said she loves anal and showed it in her scenes.

When Marlena and Dillan were choosing their toys, Mika, the lawyer in the third scene, came in to say goodye and I had her get in a picture with Dillan and Marlena. Also, Dee came in a little later and Dillan and Marlena had her show them her tits and, of course, had to play with them. Luckily, I had the camera ready. It was a fun day and the girls all had a great time together. They were there together the whole day, so there was plenty of time to get acquainted. In fact, they had such a great time that at least two of the eight were going to hook up off set. Maybe it's just for a cup of coffee; I don't really know.

If you like hot girl on girl action, you're going to love this one. There is much more to each scene than what I described. It's hard to take notes and take pictures, so I concentrated on the pictures, since I know that's the part you enjoy the most.

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