Ashley Blue vs. Trent Tesoro

Ashley and Trent appeared on Judge Mathis today. Ashley was suing Trent for an unpaid loan of $2000 she gave to him and his sister for their mother. She was also suing for a cell phone bill plus cancellation fees on the cell phone account totaling $850. In addition, Trent still owed $700 on a loan of $2500 she gave him to move out.

Ashley explained that she began dating Trent about two years ago. Six months later, she went to a modeling agency for work and found out it was actually a porn agency. She and Trent both got into the business together.

After hearing that they were both porn film stars, Judge Mathis asked the couple, "Are y'all real freaks or you just play the role?" The show is not as serious as People's Court with Marilyn Milian or Judge Judy's show; it's much lighter and seems more a play for laughs and audience reactions than legal proceedings.

Trent stated that they had an open lifestyle, and Ashley said that at first it was okay because they were really in love. She said that she liked to save money, but he wanted to spend it on drugs and partying. She said that he started falling in love with girls he would do scenes with. That's when she asked him to leave and loaned him the money to move.

Trent explained that he's trying to get out of the porn business. He was a chef before he got in and it sounded like he was planning to go back to that profession. He said he was planning to move to Houston with his current girlfriend, who accompanied him to court and who is also in the adult business.

Trent said that Ashley partied, too, and that they both did some crazy things. He didn't understand why she would sue him and bring all this up in court and felt that she was just doing it to make him look ridiculous. The judge said that it was "because you ran off with other porno women." Trent said that he'd been paying regularly on the $2500 loan. The cell phone had been used by a long-time friend who was staying with him and is currently in rehab for alcohol abuse. He was willing to pay on the phone bill and told her so when she came to his door with the bill. She accused him of being high when she came to him with the bill.

When asked about the loan to Trent's mother, Ashley admitted that it wasn't understood that Trent would pay her back for the loan to his mother, and ultimately, the judge did not award her for that loan. She said that without a court order, she didn't think he'd pay her the rest of what he owed. The judge awarded her $1539.49.

I guess their appearance was motivated by money, but because their real names were used on the show, and because embarrassing things were brought out, I wonder if they have regrets about doing it.

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