by Dave Cummings, Porn Star/Producer/Director

Porn is KING in Las Vegas, especially during the week of the AVN-sponsored Adult Internet Show, Adult Entertainment Expo, and the AVN Awards Show. Las Vegas residents, visitors, and businesses welcomed us, and the fans/consumers of porn, with opened arms. Taxi drivers, casino workers, restaurant folks, and a vast array of others gushed over our arrival; and, I sensed that it was the excitement of the Adult Industry that had them happy to see us, not just the money that we would spend or attract for their businesses. People in Las Vegas acted like it was OK for them to acknowledge the world of sex as a legitimate and God-given ingredient towards happy living; it was almost as if they were freed from the shackles of those small but loud and vile hypocrites who bombard society, government, and the media with negatives about sex. I felt like my long history of preaching my personal belief was catching on, namely that sex between consenting adults (or with one's self) is natural, normal, and morally/sexually/emotionally healthy for individuals and society. What a great week it was to be among happy people, ones who were glad we were in their town!

I personally have a feeling that 2005 is going to be a fun year�after all, it started out that way on New Year's Eve when I was on Playboy Television's 2-hour live "Night Calls" program celebrating with Playboy's version of a live New Year's Eve party. It was a very ambitious program, one with superb execution by the Playboy staff and production folks; and, it had a huge cast of top-notch adult entertainers (I especially enjoyed the on-camera fun I had with Ashley Blue and Aurora Snow, as well as the many other starlets). The day after New Year's, British beauty Layla Jade came to my studio for us to shoot a sex scene for my "Knee Pad Nymphos" series; it was super hot sex, not unlike previous filmings we've done together! After a couple of other shoots that week, I headed off to Las Vegas. This time, I decided not to lug all my filming equipment with me, but rather to just enjoy the happenings without squeezing in filmed sex scenes (which also meant that I didn't have to "save it" for on-film money shots, but could actually have off-camera sex and/or masturbate whenever I felt like it�whew!).

Yes, I had a smile on my face, a "load" at the ready, and happiness in my heart as I drove into Las Vegas. Upon arrival, thanks to AVN, I had access to the Internext Show, a huge gathering of Adult Internet businesses, personalities and entities. After stopping by the YNOT Booth ( for a few minutes of fun horsing around on their YNOT Bob Hump-day Internet Radio Show, I took some time to walk around the floor and see all the booths and activities. Wankus, of, pulled me onto his platform for some on-air joking while a crowd gathered around to watch us kid and poke good-natured fun at each other (Wankus is quite the entertainer, accomplished singer, and overall nice guy ---he'd be a great speaker/entertainer at corporate or gala events). I then reported to the Video Secrets booth and spent a delightful few hours signing autographs alongside Ron Jeremy, Jenna Jameson, and Tera Patrick. The Video Secrets folks are top-notch in every way, and I respect and admire them a lot. That night, I attended a wonderful "Cristal-For-All" party sponsored by all-around nice guy Brad Shaw and his associates. On the way back to my suite at The Venetian, I ran into lots of porn friends in the lobby and casino�-it was nice to see and visit with them.

The next morning, after taking care of the erection I seem to always wake up with, I had breakfast with friends and reported to the Power House/Wildlife Productions Booth at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Prior to doing the autographing and photo-posing thing at the booth, I took a walk around the entire Expo. WOW, what a huge event it has become over the 10+ years that I've been attending it! AVN is to be congratulated for it's adroit handling of such a dynamically growing major event. Consistent with my "preachings" at a class I teach in Los Angeles and San Diego on "Making Adult Films" (in which I warn aspirants --many of whom admit to wanting to use "producing" as a means to get laid while attempting to make money-- that the glut of productions and footage seems to be crowding some companies financially trying to make a "go" of it), this year the ever-growing glut of the last five years was evident to me by the absence of some companies at the Las Vegas event. Perhaps some production entities are suffering from the onslaught of new "wannabe" producers? Likewise, the flood of footage seemingly has significantly lowered the number of sales for many of the new releases these past few years. I also noted many new companies with large booths and lots of adult actresses signing/posing in their booths�I wonder how many of them will survive the glut, something they are themselves proliferating, and still be able to spend so lavishly for future shows? Personally, I think we're in for a period where some new folks will throw a lot of money at an attempt to be a moving force in the Industry, only to find that the marketplace can support only "X" number of porn videos/DVD's. It's the old supply versus demand issue, and some will survive and prosper while others might wane and/or fold. After an afternoon of signing at the AEE, Industry-related parties were happening all over Las Vegas, and yes there was some naughtiness seen!

The lines waiting to enter the Expo the next day were unbelieveably long, but were moving quickly. Fans are special, VERY special! It's a good thing that I walked around and saw the entire AEE the previous day, because it was extremely crowded this day. The fans of the "Screw My Wife, Please" series produced by were excited to meet Director Bobby Rinaldi, as well as those of us in the booth appearing in the series. Husbands, wives, and single folks were constantly coming by the booth and complimenting Wildlife on their many successful series. The girls in our booth were genuinely gracious and warm towards the fans, recognizing what great people fans are. That evening I attended a fun swingers event sponsored by the folks at Freedom Distributing, an evening that is described by an AVN report at It was quite a nostalgic night for me as I met up with swinging couples I haven't seen in years.

Saturday was an eye-opener as I stepped out of the elevator and saw lines of happy fans that stretched for hundreds and hundreds of yards. Stopping to chat with some of them, I found an upbeat crowd looking forward to seeing all the porn stars inside the AEE. I wondered to myself what the hypocritical and obnoxious right-wing religious whackos would think if they saw this clean-cut All-American crowd of couples/females/guys who have a healthy and proper view of adult entertainment; in my opinion, THIS crowd indeed represents the true and correct view of American society, not the few but noisy hypocrites who attack us. It was one very busy day chatting with fans and others inside the AEE, and at the Wildlife booth. I was exhausted when I got back to my room. Regrettably, I missed the actual AVN Awards Show attended by over 3,500 folks, but everyone I later checked with had high accolades for it. After a nap (possibly a sign that I'm turning 65 soon, I guess) and a nice dinner at The Venetian, I headed to a swingers/fantasy party hosted by Summer Haze. Younger couples, mostly in their 20s and 30s were meeting-and-greeting each other at a classy and well-coordinated fun event. I really lucked out, as many of the swinging couples recognized me, and a number of the females groped my penis; one husband kept an eye out for security while his devilish girlfriend insisted on constantly unzipping my fly and playing with me. Golly, I have a great life! Thankfully, post-AVN Show attendees started arriving and diverted the attention of the gropers. The dance floor was sensuously hot with as much action as the couples, and girls dancing with other girls, could get away with. Once again, like the previous night, it looked to me like everyday Americans want the religious zealots to cease and desist.

All in all, Las Vegas was smiling and glad we were in town; AVN did another magnificent job; and, folks thoroughly enjoyed themselves. As I drove out of town, I felt good about the Adult Entertainment Industry and the people who patronize its products. God bless America�and, porn!!

Dave Cummings,

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