Current Status of the Davis/McGrath Case

By Rachel Worth

CASE SUMMARY: Jill McGrath and Christopher Davis were arrested on November 20, 2003 for running a suspected prostitution business from their home by means of an escort website. Police say 25-30 women worked for them and that they had more than 1000 clients. Many of the women who worked for them lived in the neighborhood and kept their sideline profession a secret from their families. Some of them were married and had children. The women told police they made as much as $10,000 a month.

On Dec 1, prosecutors charged the couple with pimping and pandering. They also face narcotics offenses, and McGrath faces a child endangerment charge. On December 23, the couple appeared in court and were supposed to enter a plea; however, their lawyer (Kevin Donahue) asked for a postponement and was granted one until January 9. On January 9, they pleaded not guilty to charges of pimping and pandering. They have remained free on $35,000 bond each.

They were to appear back in court on February 25, at which time a date would be set for a preliminary hearing. I called Mr. Donahue's office on February 26 and was told by a receptionist that the appearance was postponed for another month.

I spoke to Mr. Donahue on April 15. He said that they were supposed to have had the Preliminary Hearing on April 14, but it was postponed because he still had information to review. On May 5, they will appear in court to set a new date for the Preliminary Hearing.

At this time, Mr. Donahue is handling Ms. McGrath's case and an alternate Public Defender is handling Mr. Davis's case. They decided to separate the two because there could be different defenses used by each of them.

He said the couple was doing well. They had been surprised and disturbed by the enormity of the media attention, and it was hard on their seven-year-old child. Things have recently quieted down considerably.

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