Is There A Guardian Angel for the Adult Industry?

Burbank, CA (June 11)
By Stuart Grant

Last week at the Assembly Labor Committee meeting, I sat and listened to Tabatha Yang blast AIM while promoting her own HEARD System for HIV test reporting. Many of the arguments she made are in fact valid; some are not.

The industry does need a reliable method of tracking testing and scene data so as to generate reliable quarantine lists if and when necessary.

Here are stated goals from the HEARD web site:
  • To assist in Uniting the Adult Industry to prevent unnecessary or harmful legislation
  • To Help Set New STD Testing Standards
  • To Help bring about Additional Safety to the working environment for Adult Talent through testing, and tracking
  • To ensure Reliable Quarantine Data
  • To provide Cost Containment in the process
  • To facilitate Better Industry Access to Testing Results
  • To provide Reasonable Shared Testing Costs
These are in fact reasonable goals that most, if not all, would agree on. It takes a more in-depth review of the HEARD proposal to see the fatal flaws in its model.

I realized the need for more investigation when I read HEARD's incredibly biased "comparisons" of their proposal vs. other proposed systems. The most glaring example is their comparison of HEARD and the proposal outlined by Terri Redor of HEARD ignored the substance of Terri's suggestions and instead focused on superficial details that Terri had not addressed. For me, this approach made HEARD's motives suspect. A closer look justified my suspicions.
  • The HEARD system relies on unreliable sources for its scene data.
  • The HEARD system takes control away from AIM and puts it in the hands of people who have a substantial financial interest in gaining such control.
  • Most in the industry - from performers to major studios - will be reluctant to allow talent agents suddenly to become the fulcrum of all industry hiring and all industry healthcare.
  • The system contains no checks and balances, and no cross-checking of data.
  • There is no established infrastructure to handle the project.
  • By design, HEARD limits itself to a project that is local in scope. Any realistic proposal must be easily scalable, nationally and globally.
In the next couple of weeks, another proposal will be made public. This new proposal will also embrace the objectives listed above, but without the hidden bias of the HEARD System. It will put control where it belongs, in the hands of those who understand the needs of the industry, as well as those who need their interests protected. Its policies and procedures will be governed by medical and social professionals who do not share the financial conflicts of the HEARD system. This new proposal will go far beyond the scope of HEARD in providing valuable services and education, both to performers and to the production companies themselves. There are solutions to the issues facing the adult industry, but they should found under the aegis of those we trust to place the well being of performers above all else.

Healthcare Accounting & Logistics Operations System is a web-based application service provider (an "ASP") founded by adult industry, workplace safety risk-management and software development professionals to meet the critical workplace-safety needs of the adult industry. HALO System, Inc. will provide in-depth reliable information tracking, data exchange and production logistical support through the development of a system that serves all of the adult industry, performers and production companies alike.

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