The Quarantine Confusion

In the Daily Breeze yesterday morning, May 12, it was stated that 19 people were removed from quarantine. Los Angeles's Channel 7 News last night said that all but three people were removed from quarantine (I'm sure they meant the three women who tested positive for HIV). Different websites are reporting various information. However, AIM's website only shows seventeen people removed from quarantine as of 6:00 p.m. on May 12. They are Dwayne Cummings, Alex Sanders, Steven St. Croix, Dominico, LT Turner, Brian Surewood, Sledge Hammer, Jim Beem, Alberto Rey, John Strong, Jay Ashley, Tony Tedeschi, Kelly Starr, Summer Lynn, Venus, Vandalia and Cindy Crawford. According to AIM, these people can safely return to work.

Since AIM is being quoted in all sources as the provider of the latest information, in my opinion, the information should be on AIM's website before being written up on or given to any other news media.

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