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Porn Star Karaoke
Sardo's Restaurant & Bar
July 6, 2004

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Full house tonight at Sardo's (259 N. Pass Avenue) in Burbank. Tod Hunter has a great report on his site Here's a list of some of the notables who were there: Wankus (emcee, entertainer, at the controls, etc), Kristin (karaoke hostess [is that the proper title?]), Vicki Vogue, Aria, Nicki Hunter, Shayna Knight, Craig C, Selena and Kent Silver, Konnie, Frankie LaRue, Violet Blue, Johnny Rock, KSEXradio Techs "Splooge" and "Powder," Heather Lyn (in town from Texas), Mickey G, Kelli Tyler (in town from Utah), Mac Turner, Jorge Reano, and Rod (great singer).

I asked Tod Hunter if he'd do the backup singing with me to Wankus singing "My Girl." He agreed, but there were so many people waiting to sing, that he had to leave before we were called up. I did go up there with Wankus, anyway. First time, what can I say. All I can say is that Wankus sang well, of course. Oh, well, at least I got up there.

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