Porn Star Karaoke
May 10, 2005
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Another fun night at Porn Star Karaoke at Sardo's Restaurant and Bar in Burbank. The big question is... will Wankus blackmail me with the pictures? Heh, heh. Pictures of what, you ask. Well, pictures of me licking frosting off Trevor's left pierced nipple. That's what! Ponder that one for a while. Rob Longshot couldn't believe his eyes, and put his head down on the table. Laughter wafted through the venue, and I turned 24 shades of red.

You see, tonight was Jason Sechrest's big night at PSK. He brought his dolled up self to come and entertain us with cabaret songs, and he was terrific. He wore a spaghetti strap tank top under a black knit shawl and some tight pants, and LOTS of makeup and glitter. He was there with his friend, Angel, a blond-haired cutie. Jason loves to entertain and doesn't just sing. It's a one-man drama, and he puts on a whole big show. He wallows in the attention.

In addition to Jason's cabaret segments, Wankus and Kristin were outstanding, as usual, singing in perfect pitch and delivering every song they sang as though they were entertaining a packed house in a concert hall.

Okay, I know you want to hear the nipple licking story. I'm getting there. Be patient.

There was a plethora of porn stars and some others who like to hang with the stars and sing karaoke. There were birthdays to celebrate, and Jason--on the mic at the time--suggested that this one guy, Trevor Dillon, take off his shirt, which he did. Lexi Lamour then smeared frosting from a birthday cake on his nipples, and I just happened to be standing next to him when Jason was trying to decide who should lick off the frosting.

Well, he insisted that yours truly do it, so always being the obliging sort, I did it. I'm not sure who all got pictures, but I might find out soon enough when they are plastered all over the Internet! I know for sure that karaoke emcee Wankus did. Oy! (said with good Jewish intonation).

Right after that I went up to the mic and said. "I've been kinkier for longer than most of you have been alive."

So, that's my story. It was a good night, spent with lots of people who are fun and really, really nice, and I left there smiling at around 2:00 a.m. Yeah, I did drive a little bit fast going home, as usual, but this time I kept a watchful eye for any police vehicles. I don't think I could charm my way out of another ticket.

As for who was there tonight... Wankus, Kristen, Jason Sechrest, Tyler Faith, Julie Meadows, Mickey G, Lisa Sparxxx, Vicky Vette, Shay Sights, Chloe, Konnie, Katie Gold, Kayla Quinn, Tarney Halle (new talent), Jersey Jaxin, Evan Seinfeld, Luke Ford, Tod Hunter, Daphne Rosen, Lexi Lamour, Scotty Schwartz, Olivia O'lovely, Keiko, Rob Longshot, Brad Thomas, photographers Gordon and Ernie, and a whole room full of friends and karaoke singers and probably some other adult talent I hadn't met. It was packed! No matter where I stood, I was in the way, but I did manage to get some good pictures.

When I got home, I glanced in the mirror and it looked like I had streaked my hair with red coloring. What in the heck is that, I wondered. Heh, heh, it's frosting!! I heard from Jason that he had quite a good time later with Trevor and Lisa Sparxxx in the wee hours of the morning.

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