Samantha Phillips' 37th Birthday Party
February 28, 2003

Well, I wasn't exactly an invited guest. I was at KSEXradio earlier in the evening and overheard Jason Sechrest telling Wankus that Sam really wanted him to come to her birthday celebration. I really wanted to go, since I'd heard reports of how much fun Sam's parties were. So, I asked Jason if he'd call Sam and ask her if I could come and Sam said "sure." Wankus was stuck at the radio station and couldn't go.

I drove from Burbank to West Hollywood and almost chickened out, concerned that I might not know anyone. But, I forged ahead and arrived around 10:15 and climbed the stairs to the second floor of an Italian Restaurant. Some people were standing outside to grab a smoke, but most were inside sitting in one of the few booths or standing around drinking and visiting. Helium balloons with long ribbon ties filled the room, creating a barrier that had to be moved aside as you walked from one place to another.

I soon spotted a few people I knew: a guy named Jim I keep running into at various places, Kiki Daire and Sam. I gave Sam a hug and wished her a Happy Birthday. She looked radiant and was surrounded by about fifty people, including her boyfriend, Roger. There were a couple cops there for a little while that I found out are friends of hers, which was a relief, because I thought they were there because of a complaint about the crowd.

Jim pointed out Nikki Nova sitting in a booth. I'd met Nikki at KSEXradio one time but I wasn't sure if she'd remember me. I introduced myself again to her and also to Juliet Cariaga, who was with Nikki and whom I'd never met. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Every time Sam passed me, she'd say, "Have some champagne; it's free." It was a no-host bar except for the champagne. The food was set up in the back of the room: gourmet pizza and various delicious hors d'oeuvres.

I heard that Marcus Allen was there, and I probably walked past him when I first arrived, but he had left by the time I looked for him. The only other person I recognized as more and more people arrived was Houston. Jason Sechrest had come and gone before I got there.

Sam said her birthday was actually on February 25. She is 37 and "proud of it." I mentioned to her that I didn't see her in Vegas at the adult conventions in January, and she said she was in Hawaii shooting a movie. It was a great party, and when I left around 12:15, it was still going strong.

Kiki and Sam

Juliet and Nikki


Sam and Nikki

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