On the Set of Sex and the Studio's
DRANK A LOT Music Video
October 20, 2004
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"Drank A Lot" is a new single that will be heard in "Sex and the Studio Episode 2: Taking the Show on the Road" from Digital Underground and Metro Interactive. On this night they were shooting the "Drank A Lot" music video. It was being shot at Platinum Live, a very large club in Studio City with a big stage, well-stocked bar, a beautiful VIP area and lots of seating at tables on the floor in front of the stage. There was another area off to the side where they had food set up and lots of seating. And, there was a large backstage room used for wardrobe and for doing all the girls' makeup and hair.

I stayed for about four hours, during which time they filmed scenes at the bar, using many of the different beautiful women who had been booked for this shoot. There were many well-known porn stars (Cytherea, Lily Thai, Justine Joli, Sativa Rose, Avena Lee to mention a few), and others I hadn't known previously, but met here (Destiny St. Claire, Misty Mason) and many who were asked to be in the video because they were known or had auditioned for it. Cleetis Mack directed the video and Money B was one of the people sitting at the bar and singing the song "Drank A Lot." Shock G showed up but was not in the video. Money B's girlfriend Tonia was there. It's always a pleasure to see her; she always has a warm smile and is so sweet. They make a cute couple.

Metro's publicist, Janie Liszewski, was efficiently handling a million different things and trying to help make everything run smoothly and keep everyone happy. I'm sure she was exhausted by the end of the evening from all the running around.

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